Kim Recommends NailTek Intensive Therapy II

Nail Tek II<br /> Intensive Therapy I get a lot compliments on my fingernails – most people don’t believe my nails are natural and that I do them myself. And I’m willing to share my secret – NailTek.

I apply NailTek Foundation II once a week and apply NailTek Intensive Therapy II almost daily. Daily is recommended, but I tend to slack off and go every other day. Then repeat the regimen weekly. I used to bite my nails, but not since I started using NailTek about 5 years ago.

I usually try to stock up when I see NailTek on sale or if it comes with a free bonus, but last month, I misplaced my bottle, and had to (gasp) pay full price at a salon. And that wasn’t the bad part – they switched bottle shape and style on me! I don’t like the new design or brush applicator (or price increase for that matter)!*

So, I immediately went to and bid on a bunch of the old style bottles of NailTek to stock me up for awhile. Maybe by the time I run out of these dozen bottles I won, Prima Technologies will realize their mistake.

*Update – turns out they didn’t switch on me – the salon lady sold me Nail Tek’s Hydration Therapy saying it was the same thing…. it’s not (and I don’t recommend it).

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