Yay, I’m a Chick-fil-A Mom!

Chick-fil-A Mom Panel

A decade ago, I used to hate fast food joints, as I'm a very picky eater. In fact, there is absolutely nothing on the menus on Burger King or McDonald's that I will eat to this day.

I first experienced Chick-fil-A in Denver and fell immediately in love! I started craving their classic chicken sandwiches (minus the pickle) and strawberry shakes every time I knew I'd be in the mile high city.

Imagine my delight when Omaha (which is way closer to me than Denver) recently received their own Click-fil-A franchises! I will now wait in the long lines just for some chicken nuggets and waffle fries. My mouth is watering just typing this! Too bad they aren't open on Sundays, but I respect the founder's decision to give employees an opportunity to rest, spend time with family and friends, and worship if they choose to do so.

Imagine my surprise when I was then selected to participate in the 3rd annual Chick-fil-A Mom Panel!

As part of the Mom Panel, I'll have the opportunity to hear about exclusive Chick-fil-A news and participate in social promotions and obviously share with you dear readers! I'll also be able to interact with fellow Mom Panel members who are also raving Click-fil-A fans like you and me!

Stay tuned for more “Eat Mor Chikin” campaigns!

Thanks Kari Apted, a fellow Click-fil-A Panel Mom, for the graphic!

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