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Financing Your Litter Robot with Buy Now Pay Later

Financing Your Litter Robot with Buy Now Pay Later

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Litter Robot Buy Now Pay Later

Never scoop again with the highest-rated WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. Since 2000, over 750,000 happy pet parents have upgraded to the Litter-Robot!

Scooping litter ranges from a mild inconvenience that must be attended to daily to downright dangerous for women expecting a baby. The good news is, thanks to the Litter Robot, you never have to worry about scooping litter again. The Litter Robot changed the game so you and your cat can enjoy living in a clean, smelling, mess-free home!

Litter-Robot 3 Core Bundle by Whisker (Grey) - Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Includes Litter-Robot, Mat, Fence, Ramp, (25) Liners & (3) Carbon Filters, Complimentary 1-Year WhiskerCare Warranty

What is Litter Robot?

The Litter Robot is a revolutionary, fully automatic litter box that’s revolutionizing how litter boxes function. Utilizing state-of-the-art automated sifting technology, the Litter Robot drastically reduces offensive odors and provides your cat with a clean litter box experience with every use.

Thanks to the Litter Robot’s built-in WiFi, you can monitor your cat’s health by tracking their usage, accessing mobile controls, and setting alerts.

The Litter Robot is perfect for single or multi-cat homes, ensuring every cat has a clean, safe space to do their business! Why is the Litter Robot the choice of pet parents everywhere?

Litter-Robot 3 Connect & Ramp by Whisker - Automatic, Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, WiFi Enabled, Works with Any Clumping Litter, Designed & Assembled in USA (Grey), 1-Year WhiskerCare Warranty

Benefits of Litter Robot over Normal Litter Boxes

Unmatched Odor Control

The Litter Robot sifts all waste within minutes of use into a fully enclosed, carbon-filtered waste drawer. By harnessing odors before they enter your home, you never have to worry about embarrassing smells ever again!

Less Litter

Thanks to the Litter Robots’ patented sifting technology, it uses 50% less litter than traditional boxes.

Safe And Secure

You never have to worry about the Litter Robot hurting your fluffy friend; the rotating globe stops automatically if a cat enters during the cycle.

No Special Litter Or Accessories Required

The Litter Robot works with your favorite clumping litter and uses regular-sized trash bags.

1-Year Warranty

Every Litter Robot comes with a FREE one-year, hassle-free warranty, covering it from top to bottom. Now you can have peace of mind knowing you’re covered no matter what!

That’s not all; the Litter Robot has even more features, making it the perfect addition to your home. Features include:

Full Drawer Indicator: Receive a notification when the litter drawer needs to be emptied.

Automatic Night Lights – Perfect for guiding elderly cats for nighttime visits.

Sleep Mode – Option to pause the automatic cycling for eight-hour increments.

Adjustable Timer Cycle: Options for 3, 7, or 15-minute delays prior to the cycle’s start time.

Control Panel Lockout – The ability to lock out all the bottom functions on the machine’s control panel.

Litter Robot Specs

  • Power: 15 Volt DC
  • Entryway: 10.25″ x 15.25″
  • Empty Weight: 24lbs.
  • Footprint: 24.24″ x 27″

Litter-Robot 3 Core Bundle by Whisker (Grey) - Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Includes Litter-Robot, Mat, Fence, Ramp, (25) Liners & (3) Carbon Filters, Complimentary 1-Year WhiskerCare Warranty

What Do The Reviews Say?

The reviews are in, and it’s clear to see that the Litter Robot is transforming the way pet parents view the litter box.

“We…have three cats but only have one litter robot and we can’t believe it took us so long to purchase. I’ll tell anyone thinking of making the commitment to do it. Customer service is also great.” – Bev

“The Litter Robot keeps the box constantly clean. Less odor and easier to change. Highly recommend if you have a cat who demands a clean box!!” – Jenny

“After receiving the order (quickly, might I add) I plugged it in and within 3 days I could feel a difference in the air quality, the smell, and just my serotonin levels rising while watching it initiate a cleaning. I am a HUGE fan” – Luca+C

“This litter box is legitimately life-changing… I’m a busy mom, working full time and then some and this has offloaded one of my least favorite chores. I highly recommend this to anyone with this in their budget, in the long run this will save us a lot of money on litter and in my valuable time.” – Liz

“The Kitty Death Star is amazing… best purchase I ever made. My cat has stopped having accidents around the house, there is no smell and its so easy to clean. Love it!” – OlyBeltran

“I cant even put in words how much this has saved my life. Two male cats who were not happy about sharing a litter together have finally stopped marking the house. This litter cleans every 7minutes which is enough time to wipe out the other’s business so it is fresh & clean again.” – Amber

Buying A Litter Robot

Now you can stop scooping and start enjoying everything the Litter Robot offers. Purchasing your very own Litter Robot is easy!

In-Home Trial

The Litter Robot offers a hassle-free 90-day in-home guarantee. The company knows your cat will love it, but if they don’t return it, no questions asked!


Now you can have peace of mind purchasing the Litter Robot, thanks to the FREE 1-year warranty included with every order. The comprehensive protection plan covers every aspect of your Robot from top to bottom, completely free of charge. After your one year warranty is complete, Litter Robot offers an extended three year option for $100.


The Litter Robot offers three models to choose from, starting at $499: Litter Robot 3, Litter Robot 3 Connect, and the Litter Robot 4.

Litter Robot 3 – $499

Litter Robot 3 Connect – $549

Litter Robot 4 – $649

There are also refurbished options available for an additional discount.


The Litter Robot offers add-ons to make your cat’s litter box experience even better. Optional products include:

  • LR Ramp
  • LR Fence
  • Black Litter Map
  • Premium Cat Litter
  • Waste Drawer Liners
  • Litter Robot Cleaner Wipes

How to Buy Now Pay Later Litter Robot

Affirm Buy Now Pay Later Financing

Buy Now Pay Later with Affirm on the Litter Robot Site. The Litter Robot is pricey at a $499 starting point and going up from there. Luckily Litter Robot offer financing options with Affirm. Pre-Qualify For Monthly payments with Affirm and pay for your Litter Robot over time.

Affirm offers simple financing, making it even easier to order your Litter-Robot today. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees, so the total you see with Affirm is always what you’ll actually pay.

  • Real time decision through a Soft Credit Check – a pull that won’t impact your credit score
  • Multiple Plans to choose from: Pay over 3-12 months with rates as low as 0% APR, subject to eligibility.

Buy Your Litter Robot with Affirm Today!


Need more info on Affirm? Read our guide to how Affirm works here.

Does Litter Robot take other Buy Now Pay Later Apps?

No, at this time Litter Robot does not take Afterpay, Sezzle, Klarna or other BNPL services. They are exclusive to Affirm.

Do I still get the 90-day in-home trial when I finance a Litter Robot?

Yes! Whether you choose to finance or not, you can buy with confidence knowing you have 90 days to try the Litter-Robot in your home. If you do choose to return, you’ll be refunded for the payments you’ve made through Affirm. minus any interest that has accrued.

Buy Now Pay Later Litter Robot with Abunda

Buy any Litter Robot available on Amazon with Abunda to get Buy Now Pay Later financing options. Prices start as low as $65/month. Buy Now Pay Later vendor options are shown at checkout.

Shop Litter Robot on Abunda


More Ways to Pay

Litter Robot also takes other popular payment methods on their site including Paypal, Amazon Pay, and major credit cards.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.