Looking for a Charming Cottage Home?

Charming Cottage Home

Many people share the common dream of a beautiful and cozy country home with elegant stone walls, a wooden bench in the garden and aromatic herbs and flowers filling your nose with delicious perfumes. You might even think of it as your countryside retreat, away from the stress of the urban world. There’s something of a Jane Austen’s feeling in it, and you are probably picturing delicate porcelain tea service and freshly baked biscuits too. The dream of a charming cottage is an attractive one. But unlike most dreams, this one isn’t unachievable. You can, if you take the time to look for the right house on the market, create your perfect cottage, like a bubble in time that can soothe your worries while life continues to fly outside.

Finding The Ideal Place

It may sound impossible to find a perfectly maintained English cottage, but you need to rethink your approach. What you cottage dream needs to exist is a cozy, little house in the countryside with a garden. Get in touch with real estate agencies to launch a search for your countryside retreat. At the same time, you might want to plan for a mortgage application with the financial institution of your choice, so that things can get moving rapidly. Once, you’ve found the house and made the necessary repairs to it, all you need to do is to organize the move with professional moving companies. You will soon notice that once you begin to divide your dream into achievable and easy steps, like here, you have what is called a strategy map. So, do what everyone does with a map: Follow it!

Giving It A Vintage Charm

What makes a countryside house a charming cottage is a décor set in a vintage style. The best approach is to avoid, as far as you can, any modern looking type of furniture. You can rely on antique shops and flea markets to find the perfect tablet and chair ensemble, for example. If you are not keen on buying new old furniture, as it is, how about giving a vintage touch to your favorite items? Chalk paint is a trendy and easy-to-apply style that you can distress to create an aged feeling. This will give your countryside home an immediate homely feeling.

Embracing The Countryside Cuisine

There’s no cottage feeling without homemade recipes and a garden in which you can grow your own vegetables and herbs. The favorite combinations seem to include lavender bushes, fresh mint, tomatoes, and zucchini. But you can be creative with fruit trees if you happen to have fully grown trees in your garden. There’s nothing that beats the taste of a freshly baked apple pie with your own fruits! You can start planning canning and preserving recipes to make the most of your cottage garden. Remember to add a few flowers, especially roses, for a romantic touch that will take all your worries away. This will be a garden that you will to sit in and enjoy a fresh cup of tea with a yummy homemade fruit tart, the perfect garden to take the time of being alive.

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