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4 Money Saving Tips for Your Next Big Trip

4 Money Saving Tips for Your Next Big Trip

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Travel doesn’t have to break the bank! There are a lot of money-saving life hacks out there; unfortunately, they’re not always practical or as effective as they claim. We’ve compiled a short list of the top 4 best budget travel tips that are realistic and easy to follow.

1. Check Local Laws and Regulations

No matter where you’re going, reading up on local laws, regulations, and ordinances is always a good idea. Doing your research can help you get a better idea of what to expect during your trip and avoid any trouble. For example, many pools and water parks in Germany allow nudity during certain hours. That could be a bit shocking if you aren’t expecting it – and you’re probably not going to get a refund!

If you’re a smoker, check the rules regarding where – and what – you can smoke. For example, many places don’t allow smoking or vaping on public transit, and several countries have different rules about purchasing smoking or vaping products, such as those found on Checking beforehand can help avoid hefty fines or wasting money on a negative experience.

2. Try a Price Tracking App

Price tracking apps like Hopper are the hot new tool for finding the best flight prices. Hopper shows you historical prices to help predict when tickets will be cheapest and will notify you when prices drop so you can make sure you’re getting the best price. You can use it to book hotels and rental cars, too!

3. Use a VPN and Incognito

A VPN – or Virtual Private Network – is a privacy tool that hides your IP address and can make it look like you’re accessing the internet from any location you choose. Incognito is a privacy browsing option in Google Chrome, and several web browsers also have their own version. How do these help you save money?

When shopping for tickets – especially for flights – many sites track your IP address and raise the price you see over time, especially if their algorithm thinks you’re interested. VPNs and private browsing can prevent IP tracking so you see the real price. Prices may also drop if you set your VPN to another country!

4. Take Advantage of Public Transit

Public transit is often much cheaper and faster than ride-shares or taxis when it’s available. It may require some research beforehand, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the system or don’t speak the local language. If you’re going somewhere you won’t have service, it’s a good idea to keep a physical map of the transit system and mark important stops for places you want to go.

Final Thoughts

Many travel hacks you see require a lot of luck – and comfort sacrifices. They aren’t always practical, but you can never go wrong by reading up on local laws before you go. VPNs, private browsers, and price-tracking apps are all great tools to help you get the lowest prices, and public transit is often the best and least expensive way to get around your destination.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.