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11 Ways to Treat Your Dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day

11 Ways to Treat Your Dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day

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Your dog will more than likely provide you with much joy and comfort each day of the year, but did you know August 10th is now a dedicated day for your furry friends?

Called National Spoil Your Dog Day this is time to give your best friend a little extra pampering and gifts. Prove to your dog how much you love and appreciate them, which can make them feel happy and secure.

Here is our list of ultimate ways to spoil your dog on August 10th National Spoil your Dog Day and all the other 365 days of the year!

1. Delicious Food

The best way to a dog’s heart is usually through their stomach, as they will love delicious food in their bowl every day. With your dog’s health will be your number one priority, consider a monthly dog food subscription box like the one from Ollie.

Take the guesswork out of mealtime and rest easy knowing you’re filling their bowl with high-quality food that’s portioned just for them! To get started take the personalized food quiz and Introduce your pup – Tell us about your dog (age, weight, breed, allergies!).

From there Ollie designs your plan and creates customized dog recipes based on their profile. Your pup's food is delivered to your door on flexible, regular schedule (maybe spoiling you and your dog!)

Start spoiling your best friend today with dog food delivered by Ollie and get 60% off your first months subscription!

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2. Daily Walks

You can guarantee a daily walk will be the highlight of your dog’s day, as they will love an opportunity to explore the great outdoors to experience new sights, smells and sounds. You can also maintain your canine’s interest by occasionally walking different routes, which can add a little variety and adventure into their lifestyle. You could even surprise your dog every once in a while by taking him or her on an extra walk, as long as your pet isn’t too tired to do so.

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3. A Ball Launcher

Most dogs love a game of fetch, right? That’s why you should buy the Fast Dogs automatic dog ball launcher, which can throw tennis balls in your pet’s direction for them to catch. You can guarantee they’ll have plenty of fun both chasing and catching the balls, and they’ll even love chewing and playing with them once the game is over. It’s the perfect way to treat your pet while ensuring he or she enjoys plenty of exercise, which can help maintain their good health.

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4. Take Your Dog to a Friend’s House

Dogs love to explore new environments, so you can guarantee they will adore exploring another person’s home. If your friend or family member is happy for you to do so, take them over to their house, so they can roam their living space under your watchful eye. They’ll also love the extra attention they’ll receive from your friend, too!

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5. Train Your Dog

Dogs are intelligent animals and love to learn new things. Stimulate their mind by teaching them tricks and attending dog training classes. Not only will it allow them to have a little fun, but they’ll love the praise and recognition you provide them when they perfectly execute a trick. What’s more, dog training can prevent them from making mistakes within the home, so they’ll be a happier pet, as a result. You can either attend a class, or you can pick up books or read articles on how to teach your dog new tricks or habits.

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6. Go for a Ride in the Car

Your dog will not want to be left at home as you and the family go shopping or on a road trip. Rather than leaving your pet behind, take him or her with you. They’ll love an opportunity to ride in the car to view different sights, and they’ll also enjoy spending time with the family. So, whether you’re driving around the block or taking a mini break, take your pet pooch on your travels.

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7. Play with Your Pet

So many pet owners fail to make time to play with their pet, but they could be longing for a game of fetch or want to play tug-of-war with their much-loved toy. While you might lead a busy life, it’s important to set some time aside in your schedule to simply have a little fun with your dog. They’ll love playing games with you, and you’ll know so once their tail starts wagging. All it takes is five minutes of play to make your dog’s day.

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8. Go for a Swim

Your dog might hate a bath, but you can guarantee he or she will love splashing through the water at the beach or in a pool. In addition to providing them with plenty of fun, swimming can also provide your dog with great exercise, as it can be gentle on their joints. It’s, therefore, the best form of physical activity for both old and young dogs.

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9. A Belly Rub

Let’s face it, all dogs love a good belly rub. In fact, it’s probably their favorite thing in the world. You’ll know when he or she wants you when your pet unashamedly lies on their back waiting for a tickle, and your dog will show signs they are enjoying it when they have a silly grin and wag their tail. It’s one of the easiest ways to spoil your dog.

10. A Doggy Massage

Truly pamper your pet by providing him or her with a doggy massage. Simply learn the correct techniques on how to massage your dog, which can help them to relax before bedtime, while alleviating their sore muscles following a long run. Not only can it help your dog make a quick recovery following exercise, but a massage can also improve their flexibility while reducing pain in the joints. It’s an effective way to spoil your pet while caring for their health.

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11. Buy a New Dog Bed

Allow your dog to relax in style by treating him or her to a brand-new dog bed. This will provide your canine companion with a comfortable space to unwind after a long walk, and it will also offer a place within the home that’s all their own. So, opt for a large, comfortable bed they will be happy to curl up in inside the home.

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Have you got any top tips on how you treat your dog or dogs on National Spoil Your Dog Day? Write a comment below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.