5 Romantic Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Man You Love

Romantic Gifts For Him

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Romantic Gifts For Him

Ironically, although Valentine's Day is meant to be for lovers, oftentimes men are the ones who end up getting the short end of Cupid's arrow. While men are expected to come bearing roses, candy and perhaps even a diamond ring, when it comes to what they get in return, many woman believe that a kiss and a “thanks honey” will suffice.

If you're the kind of woman who wants to go against tradition and actually go all out for your man, this year, we've got a list of five Valentine's Day romantic gift ideas for men that you will enjoy giving the man in your life and he will love receiving.

1. A “pamper yourself” gift basket.

Women aren't the only individuals who like to pamper themselves. So, if you know his favorite cologne and grooming products, why not purchase them and put them in a basket that you can get from Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby or Joann's? You can add a couple of other goodies in it including some customized love coupons and a pair of boxers.


2. Give him a date calendar.

Oftentimes, when it's time for date night, the guy will choose something that the woman he cares for wants to do. Why don't you reward him for all of those chick flicks and ice skating dates with a calendar of things that he enjoys doing? It can include a couple of tickets to his favorite game and a few nights where you will watch any movie of his choosing.

3. A new watch.

Love is timeless, right? And nothing says “nice and classy” quite like a new watch. Some stylish brands that you can get for under $200 include Bulova's Men Essential Strap, Swatch Cobalt Rebel and Boss Black Round Leather Strap. What you can do to make this gift extra special is to have it engraved with an “I love you”, a special anniversary date or a private message meant for only the two of you.

Can't afford a new watch? Buy now, pay later.

4. Book a hotel.

There aren't a lot of men in this world who don't mind being surprised by their significant other. So, if you're online looking for the perfect present, instead of going to an obvious nettbutikker (which is Norwegian for “online store”), how about going to Hotwire or Hotels.com and booking your own hotel reservation? You can send him a text with the time to meet you and be waiting for him in the room with a negligee in his favorite color. Just the fact that you were willing to put some initiative in this way, will warm his heart well beyond the holiday.

5. Have goodies delivered to his job.

Typically, men are not living to have some roses or balloons sent to their house or place of work, but Valentine's Day tends to be the exception. Whether it's a singing telegram or some of his favorite cookies, having something delivered will make your man feel so special if you choose to tell the world (via his job) just how in love with him you truly are.

5 Romantic Valentine's Gift Ideas for the Man You Love

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