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40 Romantic Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

40 Romantic Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

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Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you’re still shopping for romantic gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend, look no further. We’ve rounded up 40 gift ideas that are just right for Valentine's Day so you can find a gift that’s just right for him — whether you’re after a present that’s cute, romantic, fun, or as unique as your partner. Read on for a variety of great gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. A “Pamper Yourself” Gift Basket

Want to give him something super personalized and unique?

Why not make him a customized gift basket! You could include his favorite cologne and grooming products and add a couple of other goodies. Maybe include something personal, like love coupons, or these useful but fun heart themed boxers. Think outside the basket and you can put all these fun individually wrapped surprises inside a bigger container like a Yeti cooler

SpaLife All Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa Men's Sandalwood Gift Set

2. Give Him a Date Calendar

Often, when it's time for date night, the guy will choose something that the woman he cares for wants to do. Why don't you reward him for all of those chick flicks and ice skating dates with a calendar of experience gifts that he enjoys doing? It can include a couple of tickets to his favorite game and a few nights where you will watch any movie of his choosing. 

3. A New Watch

Love is timeless, right?

And nothing says that better than a new watch. Some stylish brands that you can get for under $200 include Bulova's Men Essential Strap, Swatch Cobalt Rebel and Boss Black Round Leather Strap. What you can do to make this gift extra special is to have it engraved with an a special anniversary date or a private message meant for only the two of you.

Fossil 44mm Gen 5E Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smart Watch with Heart Rate, Color: Black (Model: FTW4056)

4. Book a Hotel

If you're online looking for the perfect present, instead of going to an obvious place, how about going to a hotel and booking your own hotel reservation? You can send him a text with the time to meet you and be waiting for him. This present is sure to warm his heart well beyond the holiday.

5. Have Goodies Delivered to His Job

Whether it's a singing telegram — if that’s his kind of thing — or some of his favorite cookies, a special delivery can make your man feel extra cared for on Valentine’s Day. Consider having them sent to him at home or the office, wherever he’ll be spending the day, to show how in love with him you truly are.

6. A Romantic Candle

Set the mood with the gift of a romantic candle for your husband or boyfriend, like this Autumn scented candle from high end candle brand Dyptique. The collaboration between the brand and natural scents is earthy yet crisp, making it a great pick for the man in your life.

Chesapeake Bay Candle PT31905 Scented Candle, Love + Passion (Grapefruit Mango), Medium

7. Body Massage Oil

Whether your boyfriend or husband needs help relaxing or you want to set up a special evening for the two of you, body massage oil followed by a massage is a Valentine’s gift that your partner is sure to appreciate. Brush up on your massage skills ahead of time and make a playlist for a more holistic experience.

MAJESTIC PURE Arnica Sore Muscle Massage Oil for Body - Best Natural Therapy Therapy Oil with Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils - Warming, Relaxing, Massaging Joint & Muscles - 8 fl. oz.

8. A Gold Chain

Does your partner wear jewelry? If so, you might consider getting him something classic that he can put on everyday, like a simple gold chain. That way, he’ll have gift from you that always stays near his heart – and what could be more romantic than that?

Jewlpire Diamond Cut Miami Cuban Link Chain for Men, Gold Chain for Men, Chain Necklace for Men Boys Women, Hip-Hop & Cool Men’s Necklace, 18K Gold Plated, 10mm Width, 20 Inch

9. A Video Game

If the two of you love playing video games together, consider giving your husband or partner that new video game he’s been wanting to try, or even a new gaming system from GameStop or Best Buy. The two of you can then enjoying playing together. Or, if he’s a gamer and you’re not, he’s still sure to appreciate the fact that you were thoughtful enough to support his hobbies.

10. Bake Him Cookies

You can’t go wrong with a batch of homemade sugar cookies for the special someone in your life. This recipe is easy enough for even the most junior cooks to whip up, and since the cookies are heart-shaped – and frosted – they’re sure to be a treat for your partner’s eyes as well as stomach.

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet, 2-Pack, Silver

11. A Goody Basket for His Bar

Does your husband or boyfriend have a spirit they enjoy? Why not put together a goody basket for his bar. Think: whiskey stones (which will keep his drink cold without diluting it), a set of personalized drinking glasses, and a bottle of Scotch.

Glencairn Whisky Glass in Gift Carton, Set of 4

12. A Subscription

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Why not give him a year’s subscription to one of his favorite streaming services – or one he’s been wanting to try like the NFL game pass?

That way, every time he listens to a chapter in his audiobook, finds a new show to binge, or discovers an amazing new music artist, he’ll think of you. And if you buy him a TV or film subscription, the two of you can then spend time watching a show together, making it a present for you too.

13. A Chance to Live Out His NASCAR Dreams

If your husband or boyfriend is a fan of NASCAR – or just loves anything that’s seriously fast – consider giving an experience he won’t forget for Valentine’s Day: the chance to drive a race car or other exotic car on a real racetrack.

14. A Tie He’ll Cherish

You can’t go wrong with a nice tie or cufflink for Valentine’s Day. If your partner wears suits regularly, he’ll get a ton of use out of it – and if he only puts them on for special occasions, then you can make them extra special with this thoughtful purchase. 

WeiShang Lot 6 PCS Classic Men's Silk Tie Necktie Woven JACQUARD Neck Ties

15. Cook Him a Special Meal

Why not stay in this Valentine’s Day? You can cook up a gourmet meal featuring your partner’s favorites, then set up a candlelight dinner at home. Your boyfriend or husband is sure to appreciate the time and effort it takes to put together a special evening for the two of you.

16. A Night Out

Or, if you rather spend the evening out on the town, why not purchase tickets to a movie, play, concert, or comedy show that your partner has been wanting to see? That way, the two of you will have a fun date to enjoy that involves one of your partner’s favorite concerts or activities!

17. The Chance to Learn a New Skill – Together

There’s no substitute for spending time together. Why not arrange for the two of you to take a class in something you’re both interested in – whether it’s a one-time lesson in cooking or wine tasting, or an ongoing music class on a skill you’ve been wanting to pick up, like ballroom dancing.

18. A Pair of Headphones

Headphones are a great gift, because even if your boyfriend or husband has one pair, chances are he could do with another that’s more specialized. For example, these sports headphones are great for just about any type of exercise not just because they’ll stay on, but also because they’re designed to ensure you can hear your music clearly and the noise around you for safety reasons – making them a great option as well for doing chores like mowing the lawn.

Or, maybe your husband or boyfriend could do with the opposite: a really great pair of noise cancelling headphones for when he wants to tune out the rest of the world completely.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control - Black

19. A Reservation at His Favorite Restaurant

Here’s another option for Valentine’s Day: You could plan the date, and secure a reservation at your partner’s favorite restaurant or speakeasy. With you for company and his favorite food and drinks, he’s sure to have a fantastic evening.

20. Personalized Cufflinks

Why not get your partner a pair of custom or even Star Wars themed cufflinks? You could put his initials on them, something he loves, a photograph of you both, or even write a message. That way the next time he gets dressed up, he’ll have a wonderful reminder of the two of you to wear.

Dannyshi Mens Classic Stainless Steel Initial Cufflinks 26 Alphabet Initial Letter Cufflinks Business Wedding Shirts A-Z (M)

21. A Photo Album

One of the great things about smartphones is that we all have tons and tons of pictures – so chances are you have plenty of you and your honey. The problem? We so rarely remember to look at them.

So why not have them printed up in a photo album for your partner? That way he’ll have a beautiful object he can flip through at any time and remember the special memories you’ve made together.

Pioneer Photo Albums Magnetic Self-Stick 3-Ring Photo Album 100 Pages (50 Sheets), Navy Blue

22. Knit Him a Scarf

If you’re a knitter – or have been wanting to learn – why not make your husband or boyfriend a scarf in his favorite color for Valentine’s Day? Depending on where you live, he can put it on that evening, and stay warm thanks to your love for him.

Women And Mens Winter Thick Cable Knit Wrap Chunky Long Warm Scarf, B-Grey

23. A Plant for His Home

Plants don’t just look good – they can also make us feel good, by helping purify the air and create a more restful environment. Even if your partner doesn’t have much of a green thumb, you can find him a hardy, low-maintenance plant to brighten up his home.

Live Snake Plant, Sansevieria trifasciata Superba, Fully Rooted Indoor House Plant in Pot, Mother in Law Tongue Sansevieria Plant, Potted Succulent Plant, Houseplant in Potting Soil by Plants for Pets

24. A Donation in His Name

Does your partner have cause that’s close to his heart? Show how much you care about what matters to him by making a donation in his name this Valentine’s Day.

25. Time Spent in Nature

If your partner is a real outdoorsman, arrange for the two of you to spend time outdoors during Valentine’s Day weekend. You could go hiking, biking, or fishing together. You’ll not only have a wonderful time enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors – you’ll also make wonderful memories together.

26. A Personalized Blanket

Did you know that you can personalize blankets? Create a custom throw for the two of you to snuggle up under on cold nights.

Custom Blanket with Photo Personalized Picture Text Blanket Customized Sofa Throw Blanket Personalized cobijas Funny Gifts for Valentines,Boyfriend,Dad,Mom,Friends,New Year,Birthday

27. Fishing Gear

If your partner loves to fish, why not get them a waterproof case for their gear? That way they can keep their items dry when they’re out on the dock or the boat. It’s a catch they definitely won’t want to throw back.

Rush Creek Creations 12 Fishing Rod Tackle Cart - 5 Minute Assembly, Black (40-0001)

28. A Briefcase or Backpack

Does your partner need to carry items to the office most days? Depending on what their style is, you can get them a leather briefcase or a backpack to hold their papers, laptops, and everything else they need for work.

Samsonite Classic Leather Toploader Briefcase, Cognac, One Size

29. A Leather Wallet

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Why not get your husband or partner a wallet, especially if you’ve noticed that his is getting a little worse for the wear? You can have it personalized with his name, monogram, or a thoughtful message.

Ekster: Tracker Card - Solar Powered Wallet Tracker- GPS and Bluetooth - Two-Way Ringer

30. A Comfy Pair of Slippers

Do the two of you love spending lazy weekend mornings together? You could get a pair of cozy slippers your husband or boyfriend can wear to stay warm and comfortable. 

RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper, Size 11-12 US Men, Dark Gray/Blue

31. A Coffee Mug That Stays Warm

This coffee mug has a built-in battery that ensures your husband or boyfriend’s coffee stays hot until he’s had enjoyed every last sip. He can use the app to set his coffee to the optimal temperature depending on what kind of coffee drink he’s having. There’s a smart light, to indicate when the mug is charging or the coffee has reached its ideal temperature.

Amazon Renewed Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 10 oz, 1.5-hr Battery Life - App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug - Improved Design (Renewed) (10oz Black)

32. Membership at One of His Favorite Places

Does your partner love going to the art museum, zoo, or other institution in your town? Consider getting him a membership for Valentine’s Day so that he can visit any day he wants to without having to pay a separate fee each time.

33. A Day of All His Favorite Things

Make Valentine’s Day extra special by planning a day of all of his favorite things – and activities. You can start with breakfast in bed, spend the morning doing something he loves – like exploring one of his favorite neighborhoods – followed by lunch at one of his favorite restaurants and an afternoon of bowling, hanging out in the park, or sports game.

34. A Weekend Getaway

Is there a romantic spot nearby where you live? Why not plan a special getaway for the two of you, whether it means spending Valentine’s Day in a cabin somewhere beautiful or in a boutique hotel in a city you can spend the weekend discovering together.

35. Hobby Equipment

If your partner has a hobby he loves, you could give him a gift certificate to a store that specializes in that hobby. It’s a great way to support his interests without having to worry that you’ll get him something for his hobby that he already has.

36. Better Tools

Is your husband or boyfriend a regular Mr. Fix-It? Why not get him this multi-tool? Each of the tools within it can be opened and operated with one hand, making it extra convenient and easy to use, and there’s a removable clip so he can attach it to his pocket or belt loop while he’s working.

LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters, Spring-Action Scissors and Nylon Sheath, Built in the USA, Stainless Steel

37. A Break From His Least Favorite Chore

Another unique gift your husband or boyfriend is sure to love is the gift of time. Give him a break from his least favorite chore. You could hire a dog walker for the week, someone to mow the lawn, or take care of the dishes for him.

38. A Picnic Blanket

Do the two of you love attending outdoor concerts, going to the park, or having picnics? You can put this extra-large waterproof blanket to use during a romantic date for the two of you.

39. A Nice Shirt

You could get your husband or boyfriend a nice button-down shirt that he can wear on his date with you for Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to get it in the right size – and give it to him early so that he can wear that evening.

COOFANDY Men's Western Casual Shirt Button Up Basic Solid Linen Business Shirts

40. Lingerie for Both of You

Or, get yourself something for the two of you: lingerie that will put you both in the mood for a special evening together.

Lingerie for Both of You

Lilysilk Silk Pajama Set

5 Romantic Valentine's Gift Ideas for the Man You Love
5 Romantic Valentine's Gift Ideas for the Man You Love

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