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Ring Types Putting a Ringing in Your Ears?

Ring Types Putting a Ringing in Your Ears?

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Promise vs. Proposal vs. Engagement Rings Explained

Every couple must set the appropriate pace for their relationship. Some may be married within a year, while others plan a wedding for ten years or never plan to marry.

You know you want to give a gift that shows your commitment, but which one is the right one? Each type has a different meaning, from promise to proposal to the much-discussed engagement rings. This guide will help you determine the best for you and your partner.

Promise Rings

Promise rings are the most versatile gifts. Their meaning can vary based on the context in which you give one. Promise rings typically symbolize love and connection between two people who are deeply committed to each other.

A couple may exchange promise rings because they are unprepared for a proposal for any reason. Couples may also use promise rings to symbolize monogamy. Some long-distance couples want to demonstrate that they are waiting for the return of their significant other.

Other types of relationships can warrant promise rings, as well. Friends may wear promise rings as symbols of their love and support, or a parent may gift a promise ring to their child as a reminder of their love.

People may also wear this ring to remind themselves of a personal promise. They may be signs of innocence, a commitment to a goal, or religious beliefs.

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The cost of promise rings depends entirely on the material. You can purchase some for $30, while others may cost about $1,500.

Some of the most common materials used for promise rings include aquamarine, birthstones, cobalt, smaller diamonds, garnet, silver, stainless steel, titanium, tourmaline, and tungsten.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are mainly worn by women living in Western cultures. These are more specific than promise rings in that they symbolize an intent to get married. Typically, couples actively plan a wedding shortly after one person accepts the engagement ring.

In the Middle Ages, engagement rings symbolized an unbreakable promise. Even until the Great Depression, women in the United States could sue men who broke off engagements for ‘breach of a promise.’

Today, either party can end an engagement, although the rings symbolize a fierce commitment.


Engagement rings are usually much more expensive than promise rings. They consist of cerium, diamond, gold, green emerald, jade, iridescence, opal, platinum, ruby, sterling silver, or vanadium.

Rose gold is one of the best metals for engagement rings.

Proposal Rings

In the past, it was tradition for a man to give a woman a proposal ring before the engagement ring. The timing of these gifts was strict.

These days, many couples plan an elaborate engagement together, which eliminates the surprise of giving an engagement ring. Thus, proposal rings are beautiful surprises that serve as placeholders for couples who plan to become engaged.


Couples can use any material for their proposal rings. They may choose a fancier, more expensive proposal ring or one similar to a promise ring.

Buying for Men vs. Women

It can be challenging to determine which rings best suit men vs. women. This guide can help you find the perfect ring.

Wrap Up

Rings are symbols of all types of love and commitment. There are many beautiful ones to choose from, but the nature of your relationship should inform your decision.

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