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The 7 Different Types of Rings for Women and Men Available Today

The 7 Different Types of Rings for Women and Men Available Today

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Rings hold a special place in our society. We give them as a way to represent a bond with our partners, to celebrate an accomplishment, and to make a personal statement. But there are so many different ring options out there it can be difficult to know which one you should choose.

There are several different types of rings that work in different situations. They can also help you to narrow down which sort of ring you want to get. Read on to learn more about the types of rings and what styles they come in.

1. Diamond

One of the most well-known types of ring is a diamond ring. Although these are usually given as engagement rings, they may also be given for other special occasions, including on an anniversary or at the birth of a child. Diamond rings come in a wide variety of styles, and they can be worn by men or women.

diamond ring

Women’s diamond rings generally feature a large central stone that may be surrounded by a number of other diamonds or gems. Men’s diamond rings are often subtler, with a simple band and a few smaller inset diamonds. Diamonds are judged on the quality of four factors: color, cut, clarity, and carat.

2. Class

Many people who graduated from high school or college wear a class ring to display their school pride. These rings come in two main styles: signet-style rings and rings with a central stone. The gemstone rings may correspond either to the wearer’s birthstone or to the school’s colors.

Class rings usually feature the name of the school and the year the person graduated. There may be a school motto or an indication of the degree the person graduated with. Some designs also include more personalized elements, such as designs to show what clubs or activities they were involved in or a name carved into the inside of the band. 

3. Birthstone

Outside of class rings, birthstone rings are a very popular choice for men and women. These rings feel personal and can be a beautiful option to wear as a daily statement piece. If you don’t like your birthstone, many months have two or more accepted birthstones assigned to them.

You can get a birthstone ring in as ornate or as simple a design as you like. Some people may want to wear not only their birthstone, but also one of their partner or their children. There are many popular ring styles that allow you to add new gems in each time a child is born so you can always keep your family close.

4. Promise

These days, more and more people are delaying marriage, waiting until they’re in a more solid place with their careers or finances. But they may have already met the person they know they want to marry someday. In this case, a promise ring can be a wonderful option.

A promise ring is not an engagement ring, but rather a kind of “engaged to be engaged” sort of ring. These can look like anything that is meaningful for you and your partner. Many people like a Claddagh ring, while others prefer a birthstone or a simple metal ring design.

5. Wedding

Of course, wedding rings are the most popular variety in Western culture, and they can come in a huge range of styles. Men who work with their hands a lot may want a silicone ring that won’t interfere with their work. Or you can find elegant men’s wedding rings in a variety of precious metals, stone, or even wood.

Women’s wedding rings also come in all the materials we listed, and they may provide an opportunity for a little more embellishment. Many bridal sets may include extra diamonds or space for children’s birthstones, as we mentioned earlier. Some even “lock” with your engagement ring on your finger for a unified wedding set.

6. Anniversary

Getting married is a wonderful thing, but staying married for decades is an accomplishment. Many people like to celebrate major anniversaries by giving rings. This can serve as a reminder of the bond between you and your partner, as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry for them to enjoy for years to come.

Diamonds can be a popular choice for anniversary rings, especially if you couldn’t afford a diamond when you got married. Birthstone rings are also popular, as are other gemstone rings. The question you should consider is what would be most meaningful for you and your partner on this anniversary. 

7. Cocktail

Aside from special occasions, many people like to wear rings as a way to dress up for special occasions. These cocktail rings tend to be a little flashier, though for many women silver rings are all the ornamentation they need. The ring design you choose all depends on the formality of the occasion and the outfit you choose to wear.

Faux gemstones tend to be a little more popular in cocktail rings since they are not necessarily meant to be a meaningful, long-term piece. You may also see natural stone like turquoise and jade used as a centerpiece for these rings. Choose one (or several) that suits your style, and dress up an outfit for any occasion!

Discover More Types of Rings

There are several types of rings that work for different situations in our culture. An engagement ring is both a gift and a promise, a class ring is a recognition of achievement and loyalty, and a birthstone ring provides a personal connection. Pick the ring that best suits your style and your needs and you’ll have a piece that you can love for years to come. 

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Sunday 16th of February 2020

If you are an active person there is one more kind to consider, a silicon tear away ring. After watching my friend lose his ring finger in a horrible accident that left him hospitalized for days, I'd highly encourage anyone with metal rings to take them off when pursuing active or outdoor activities. In fact I only wear a silicon wedding ring now. There are some things you can't unsee!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.