Renovate a Room Beautifully Without Spending a Fortune

According to Finder, the average cost of a master bedroom renovation ranges from $2,430 to $11,400, depending upon just how much luxury you wish to achieve. However, these figures are much more depressing. One thing is for sure, renovating any room won’t be cheap.


But it doesn’t have to be too expensive if you make smart choices, be creative, and put in some extra work.

4 Tips on How to Cut Renovation Costs But Not Quality

1.      Reuse all materials you can

Mandi Johnson told A Beautiful Mess blog that she saved money on renovation by reusing for the most part materials which were already available in the room. In her case, these were cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. You should look carefully through the room you plan to renovate and determine what can be reused.

Bear in mind that cabinets, tables, and chairs can easily be refinished and you can also use covers or change upholstery on your couches and armchairs. You can also further reduce the costs of these alterations by learning how to do them yourself.

Whilst on the subject of cabinets, consider installing additional shelves or using different inserts that expand the space that you can use. This will help you to create ‘more cabinets’ without actually having to buy any new pieces.

In the unlikely event that there is nothing salvageable in your room, try thrift shopping for cheap and damaged pieces. Apply the same ‘transformation techniques’ to make them look stunning for a fraction of the price that you’d have paid for new items. Be sure to sell what you can from your old room in order to minimize your outlay.

2.      Use neutral base colors

Experts from Hibou Design advise using neutral colors such as light-grey as the base color of the room. This way a mix of mismatched colorful furniture and decorations will look stylish and not tasteless. Having a neutral base color will also allow you to change the mood of the room by replacing pillowcases, covers and curtains.

Choose a light color as it is easier to mix with bold decor to create beautiful and unique interiors. It will also help you to save on electricity by making the best use of natural light.

3.      In dire situations, save on the walls

If you want to freshen up your room but your budget is minimal, you should be able to cut costs by foregoing a complete wall renovation. The easiest way to do this is to buy cheap wallpaper at a sale (under normal circumstances only offcuts and remnants are available cheaply and they aren’t enough to cover a whole room). Then, get creative by combining different colors and patterns to produce a stylish wall design.

Considering the popularity of accent walls in interiors today this method could actually make your room look like the work of a top designer, and yet this will be a project made from the cheapest materials.

You should also skimp on wall preparation whenever possible. In most cases it is not really needed and you can easily complete all this work on your own, unless there are some major issues which need to be fixed.

4.      Do the demo and waste disposal yourself

Ask very pointed questions when obtaining a quote from contractors and you’ll see that demolition works and waste removal contribute substantially to the overall cost. Thus without the need for any specialized skills to complete these tasks you can save some money right away by doing the job yourself.

You should also spend some time researching every option for waste disposal. You might need to travel a bit but with the necessary research it should be possible to find inexpensive options.

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