Review: Kim wins iPad from MacMall

I was so excited when MacMall announced their Facebook Fan winners, as I was the lucky recipient of a brand-new Apple iPad! I am living proof that real people do win contests when you enter online sweepstakes!

Many of my friends think I’m anti-Mac, as I admit I’m strictly a PC girl.  It’s not that I don’t like or have anything against Macs, it’s just that I don’t like to take the time to learn something new when I already have so much on my plate.  I honestly did not even open the iPad package when it first came thinking I would get frustrated with it.  Imagine my thoughts when I did open it, and there was no instruction manual!

Well, I have to admit that I don’t know why I was so scared of it because it is super easy to navigate and fun, yes I said FUN to use.  My daughter showed me a few tricks as she said it’s just like her iPod Touch “only bigger”.

I started downloading some free apps like Virtuoso HD (piano), Minesweeper, Sudoku, Blocks (mastered it) and even Draw it!.  I’m thinking I want to invest in a Pogo Stylus to create some drawings to save.  I downloaded the Free Kindle App to read some free Kindle book downloads while traveling with my daughter’s soccer team this summer.

I would now like to get a carrying case/stand (so I don’t have to haul it around in the box) and possibly even a wireless keyboard like Lynn Terry has. I only wish the iPad had (1) a USB port and (2) a built-in camera.  My guess is that maybe the next release will have these options?

When iPad was first released, many made fun of the name since it reminded them of a feminine sanitary napkin.  Well have you seen the Apple iPad commercial that I believe parodies a tampon commercial?  Funny if you think about it.

So I like the Apple iPad.  There I said it.

If AT&T offered mobile coverage here in hickville, I would definitely invest in an iPhone.  But since they don’t, I did just upgrade my Alltel-turned-Verizon phone to a Motorola Droid that I love.  Maybe that will be my new review…

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