How to Save Money Shopping Online

Long gone are the days when cutting coupons from the Sunday paper was the best way to save money on your everyday purchases. From online newsletters to digital promotion codes, the internet has quickly overtaken paper alternatives to become the fastest-growing promotional tool for retailers across the globe. Shoppers truly have the best of both worlds online, as finding and using coupons is as easy as doing a simple Google search. Furthermore, the cutthroat competition amongst online retailers vying for your business means finding your items at a fantastic price is easier than ever before!

Online prices are almost always lower than those found in physical stores, for a variety of different reasons. Lower overhead costs, due to the lack of physical operations, is one of the reasons online retailers are able to pass lower prices on to their customer base. Additionally, if an online retailer has no stores in your state, you won’t pay any sales tax on your purchases, which translates to even greater savings.

In addition to the already low prices, online retailers vigorously promote their items with the use of Coupon Codes. Whereas in the past these coupons would likely be found in your mailbox or in fliers in the newspaper, today’s retailers often share these codes with customers via email. Many coupon code sites have also sprung up in the last few years, enabling customers to easily find discounts on the items they love. Popular sites include and, both of which allow you to look for any available coupons for a variety of different online merchants. So whether you are looking for a RazorGator Coupon or Coupon Codes, you are sure to find a deal.

Beyond coupons and discount codes, many other ways to save at online retailers abound. Several different websites allow you to comparison shop amongst several retailers, eliminating the need to visit each one individually to determine their asking price. Sites such as and focus on showing you the different options available for particular items, and also reveal addition charges and fees like shipping and handling.

Another great source of bargains online is social networking sites. While these sites have not traditionally been thought of a place to find a great bargain online, many retailers are now providing promotional information on their Facebook Pages. Some retailers also promote sales information via Twitter. Friending your favorite store online can be a great way to stay in the loop.

An even newer form of promotional online marketing is occurring through the use of location-based social networking sites. These sites are used on your mobile device, and allow users to “check-in” at the physical location of a store. After doing so, many stores send the users codes for discounts at the cash register. Whrrl, Foursquare, and Gowalla are all examples of such networking sites.

From Facebook to Google, finding deals online doesn’t have to be hassle. Armed with an array of different sites at your disposal, you could be enjoying savings on nearly every item you purchase. For die-hard bargain shoppers, the internet is truly the place to shop.

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