Short But Sweet 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays Are Coming!!

The holiday season is swiftly approaching!  Don't fall victim to last-minute shopping prices, shortages, and shipping challenges.  With this 2018 holiday gift guide – you can begin planning and shopping for your best holiday gifting year yet!

Gift Cards

Depending on the number of people you have to shop for and all the many different likes and dislikes they have – holiday shopping can be a huge nightmare for loads of people.  The safest method to take in this situation is to get them a gift card.  You can get a gift card to pretty much anywhere these days. For guys – Lowes, Home Depot and electronic stores like Best Buy are usually welcome choices.  For women – you can't really go wrong with a massage or spa gift card.   

Engraved Gifts 

An engraved gift is a thoughtful gift because you'll need to carefully select the item to be engraved, and then you'll need to figure out what you want to be engraved on it.  Online engraving shops like Thoughtful Impressions, carry engravable bracelets, customizable necklaces, laser etched picture frames, and more that you can have personalized to say something meaningful to your gift recipient.  An engraved locket is a beautiful gift for a woman that she can hold onto for years to come. Engraved gifts are fabulous for holidays presents because they hold sentiment and that's really what the holidays are all about.

Technology to Make Their Daily Routines Easier

Depending on your age, you may or may not remember a time before cell phones and computers and you've never had to print out a map to find your way to a job interview or a new shopping mall because you have a little something called GPS.  Within just a few years, the growth in the field of technology has been exponential and to put it simply – technology is awesome! And, it makes an awesome holiday gift.  E-readers, laptops, workout assistants, smart TVs, special back up batteries, in-house food growing kits, blue tooth headphones, you name it – there's likely some sort of technology made for  it.  The best approach is to think about your gift recipients lifestyle, then assess whether or not they could use some tech gadget to help make that lifestyle easier – then make your gift choice!


Let's face it, we're all human and part of being a human means you've got to eat to survive.  Because of this, the chemicals inside of our brains have evolved to enable us to enjoy eating. Humans love food. However, some humans are picky eaters and some have food allergies that you'll need to watch out for, but when gifting food, think chocolate, think delicious truffles, think organic coffee, aged cheeses, and if you can bake – freshly baked bread is almost always a welcomed gift.


A gift doesn't need to be a tangible object, some of the best gifts are experiences.  A trip kayaking down the river, a night out to see your favorite band play, a trip to the ocean, tickets to the weekend opening show at the box office – all of these gifts are exciting choices to give for the holidays.   

 Gifts cards, personalized jewelry, outdoor adventures, food, and technology are all wonderful holiday presents to give and receive.

Be sure to bookmark this article so you can reference it anytime you're in need of gift tips this holiday season.  Happy shopping!

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