Simple Sandwich Ideas for Picnic Season

Warm weather season brings a whole host of new activities for kids and adults alike. Whether you are headed to an amusement park, road trip, water park, or just the neighborhood playground, summer becomes synonymous with picnic season. Families will usually gather together at home with friends to enjoy grilling, but another option is to pack a basket to take to the park or a quiet outdoor area and enjoy time together outdoors. Your picnic doesn't have to be made of a lot of items as there are a few simple sandwich ideas that can be combined with a few snacks to complete a picnic meal. 

The Pizza Sandwich

Pizza Sandwich
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Most kids like pizza, so why not take all of the fixings to make a sandwich with you that you would put on top of a pizza? The bread should be somewhat thicker than the traditional sandwich bread like a pita or even tortilla. If you want to make the sandwiches ahead of time, add sauce and cheese, but put different toppings in small containers so everyone can add what they want. Ideas include pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers. It’s a great cold snack that will satisfy everyone’s craving.

Sub Club

Sub Club Sandwich
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Visit a bakery like Klosterman Baking Company to get delicious breads that are freshly made before you go on your picnic. Top the breads with meats you can pack easily like salami, sliced turkey, ham or chicken. This is a way to make the sandwiches healthy as you can use lots of various cheeses and sliced vegetables to add to the variety.

Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Sandwich
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Get a rotisserie chicken, and cut the meat into small pieces. Add seasonings or dressings for added flavor and use brie and slivers of apples on top of the chicken to make the sandwich taste like a chicken salad. 

The French Classic

French Dip Sandwich
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Add a little bit of French flavor to your picnic by making small roast beef sandwiches. Fresh dinner rolls with sliced beef, tomatoes, and lettuce make the ideal sandwich. Add a dipping sauce of honey mustard to complete the meal. These small bites are just the thing for children to enjoy and you can easily pack the sandwiches ahead of time, and since they're so small, it's easy to put them in almost any container. 

The Wrap

Wrap Sandwich
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Although it's not a sandwich, a wrap is an easy type of sandwich to enjoy. You can add almost any ingredient inside to make it tasty. For children, consider peanut butter and sliced bananas or peanut butter and jelly. Turkey, lettuce and mozzarella cheese also work well together. 

When you go on a picnic, you want foods that are easy to consume so you don't have to take dishes home to wash. Sandwiches are easy to hold and you can make them in any way. Pack them in a plastic container or wrap them in plastic so you can enjoy the delightful flavors anytime and anywhere.

Simple Sandwich Ideas for Picnic Season

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