Whether it’s finding new ways to halve the household bills, or thinking up new methods to save money on transport- we can’t resist a good deal. Surprisingly though – this article isn’t a how-to on saving money. This article is will advise and inform you on the items you shouldn’t be cutting costs on. There are certain areas that price busting shouldn’t be applied to, so here are six things not to underspend on…


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When it comes to foods like meat you don’t want to risk under spending. Good quality meat is worth the price when faced with mystery ingredients that fill up your cheaper priced meat in the supermarket. Meat is a great source of iron too, so make sure you’re giving your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Heading to fresh local markets is often the best compromise for this – as the prices will perhaps be cheaper than a supermarket but the quality will be great.


When it comes to shoes, make sure you’re investing in good quality support for your feet. Your shoes can have major implications for your posture, and have been linked to back pain as well as pain in the knees. Making sure your feet are well supported, is hugely important – both for you and your children (if you have them). Good footwear will last years – bad footwear will fall apart in weeks.

Home Improvements

When it comes to fixing the odd thing around the house, generally – doing it yourself is a perfect, cost effective way to avoid large bills from the local maintenance man! When it comes to bigger projects and home improvements however, you should know when to stop and call in a professional. Any damage you incur during you’re ambitious mission to do it yourself, could ironically end up being two times the price it would be to get a professional in! For things like restoring the foundations, rebuilding, extensions, windows, plumbing and boiler repairs, etc – you’ll want to spend the extra cash and should never scrimp.


With cheap airlines you may THINK you’re getting a good deal, but little do many people know- it’s the cheap airlines that sting you with added extra costs. Whether it’s baggage allowance, insurance, the price of not printing off your boarding pass or refreshments on board- these cheap airlines give off the illusion you’re saving a great deal, when quite frankly you’re not. With a good airline, you pay the extra money at face value for good service and quality. Invest you’re money in an airline you can trust, and you’ll find you’re not worrying about the added extras anymore.

Beauty Products

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Cheap beauty products should be avoided! The low price tag may seem enticing at first, but its lack of quality could result in disaster! Particularly if you have sensitive skin. So instead of regularly buying cheap products, save money to buy decent, good quality products once in a while! The more expensive items will often last longer too – meaning you’re actually being quite cost effective.


If there’s one thing you don’t want to underspend on it’s definitely insurance. Making sure you have a good policy, with a company that has a good reputation. Insurance is your vital safety net in times of need, so make sure you’re safe and covered with an insurance company you can trust. This applies to both home insurance and holiday insurance!

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