Tips You Can Use Every Day To Save A Fortune

Tips You Can Use Every Day To Save An Absolute Fortune

Maybe you’re pretty budget savvy already. Maybe you look at your finances with a grimace. Whatever your current financial situation may be, there are still things you can do to help and improve. The things you do every single day can make a huge difference to the state of your finances at the end of the week/month. Here are tips you can use every day to save an absolute fortune:

Make Your Own Coffee

Instead of buying your coffee each day from a coffee shop, it’s worth buying your own and making it at home, and even putting it in a travel mug if you need to take it somewhere with you. The amount you can save by avoiding coffee shops is absurd!

Make Other Items Yourself

You can make other items yourself too, such as face masks and hair masks with things you have lying around at home. No need to spend a fortune on beauty products.

Buy Some Items In Bulk

Sometimes, buying things in bulk can mean big savings. Make sure you look out for offers on the things you buy regularly.

Always Search For A Discount Code

Don’t ever shop online without looking for a discount code first. Sites like will usually offer a voucher code for wherever you want to shop. Make a habit of looking before you shop!

Put Your Change In A Jar

Instead of forgetting about your change and letting it fall down the back of the sofa, put it in a jar and keep your purse or wallet free of change. It’ll all add up, and you might just get some nice spending money from it!

Start Tracking Everything You Spend

Don’t just spend blindly without knowing exactly what’s going on with your accounts and finances. Start tracking everything you spend. Every single thing, even if it was only small. You’ll know exactly how much money you have left, and you’ll even be able to monitor where your money goes and improve your habits.

Check For Better Deals On Your Utility Providers

Don’t just let your bills roll over without checking for better deals. More often than not, you’ll be able to convince your current provider to give you a huge discount and match another deal. If not, changing is simple too.

Become More Eco Friendly

Becoming more eco friendly will help both the environment and your bank balance. You’ll save on water, energy, and you’ll start making the most of items that you may have thrown away.

Become A Gentle Driver

Aggressive drivers actually spend way more money on fuel than gentle drivers. We should all be sticking to speed limits and rules of the road as it is, but what better reason do you need to calm down? Next time somebody cuts you up, you can feel smug that you’re saving money.

Buy Second Hand Where Possible

You don’t always need to buy brand new. Sometimes, buying second hand or refurbished is just as good, and you’ll save a fortune!


Don’t get rid of an old piece of furniture. Upcycle it. It’s cheap to buy some paint and maybe even some paper to decoupage. Before you know it, you have a brand new item of furniture. You might even find a new hobby!

Always Go Shopping With A List

Always Make A Shopping List

Never go shopping without a list. As you shop, stay determined to stick to the list. This will stop you from spending impulsively, and you’ll always have everything you need. Your shopping trips will become far more effective.

Sell Your Stuff

Do you have old stuff lying around that you haven’t used in months? Don’t hoard it or throw it away. Sell it. There are so many online platforms that make it super easy to sell. You could even do it at a garage sale or car boot sale for cash in your pocket.

Make The Most Of Reward Schemes

Don’t forget to make the most of reward schemes. Some stores will give you a card that you can collect points on. These points add up, especially if you shop somewhere often enough.

Shop At The Right Time

Different things can be cheaper at different times. For example, flights are more expensive on a Friday. Your supermarket shop will likely be cheaper on a Monday. Then there are things like end of the year sales, and the January sales! By making a note of the best time to shop for things, you’ll be able to save a fortune.

15 Everyday Tips To Save Money

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