Tips for Furnishing a Small Apartment

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Living in a small apartment does not mean giving up that feeling of home. There are several ways to make over an apartment to make it feel more inviting and give it some personality. Some of these tricks will not only make an apartment look better, but also bigger.

Open Things Up

Arranging furniture in a particular way or choosing certain pieces will give the appearance of more space.

Armless Furniture – Choosing a sofa or chairs without arms gives the apartment a more airy appearance. A futon is a good choice as it can provide extra sleeping space for guests. Use small end tables with storage underneath to provide a place within convenient reach to set drinks or other items. Also, seek out smaller pieces generally, which fit the proportions of your apartment.

Bar Stools – Sitting at a kitchen counter for meals rather than at a dining room table means taking up a lot less space if the table can be completely be eliminated. Bar stools are perfect for counter-top dining due to their tall, slim design, and are easy to rearrange when company arrives. They come in a variety of styles and are made of metal, wood or both.

Storage – Look for multi-functional items that can also be used for extra storage. For example, a trunk could double-up as a coffee table.

Make Changes

Just because the apartment comes with certain accessories doesn’t mean they have to stay, but always check with the landlord before making any alterations in rental accommodation.

Curtains – Many apartments come with typical Venetian blinds. Swapping these out for colorful curtains or drapes can change the entire look of the space. In addition, they can be pulled back using stylish tiebacks that can accentuate the rest of the décor. Curtains can even be hung around doorways or over bookcases to add more color and style.

Hang Pictures – Hanging and filling picture frames of differing styles around the apartment allows you to add your personality to your decor and makes it feel more like a home.

Lamps – Add lighting to rooms by using floor or table lamps rather than overhead lighting. More light will give the appearance of bigger space by cutting down on shadows, while overhead lighting will seem to lower the height of the ceiling. Mirrors placed strategically around the apartment will also reflect light, again cutting down on shadows.

Shelving – Add shelves around the apartment for showing off knickknacks without adding clutter to the living space.


Making changes to standard items in the apartment can have a major effect.

Pillows – Purchase colorful throw pillows to highlight the rest of the décor. If new pillows are not in the budget, new coverings can be bought to go over old pillows.

Coverings – Book cases, filing cabinets and storage bins can all be dressed up to look better. Measure fabric to the length required and then use hook-and-loop tape to attach it to the compartment.

Making a small apartment feel like home does not require a lot of wholesale changes. Using what is at hand and changing it around a bit will often produce the desired results. Once the makeover is complete, your apartment will be a place deserving of being shown off to guests and a reservoir of peace after a busy day.

This is a post from guest blogger Helen Pearson, who loves to try out imaginative ways to furnish her home. She has written articles for several websites, including, which offers a selection of swivel bar stools that are perfect for apartment living.

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