Tips on How to Quickly Settle a Property Dispute

Property disputes are complex and cover an extensive list of laws and regulations. Unresolved property conflicts can become quite troublesome of you are unable to get the right legal assistance.

Tips on How to Quickly Settle a Property Dispute

If involved in property disputes, not only is it necessary to resolve the issue at hand but it is also equally important to minimise the risks of future contention. Here are tips that can help with successful property dispute resolution.

Always stay civil

In property disputes, it is not uncommon to engage in heated argument. Nevertheless, staying civil is crucial as any contention may further hinder the proceedings. Anything they say against you in a regular conversation does not hold water anyway. If anything, you can record the rage and use it against the other party. Keep your temper under control and solve the dispute in a civil and orderly manner.

Hire a surveyor

In the UK, there are various kinds of property disputes. In any case, you may need the assistance of an expert, such as a surveyor since a surveyor can write a report that will stand up in court. You might have to spend money on this service, but you will get an accurate evaluation.

Check the laws

There are different property laws covering cities and counties. You need to understand what rules apply to your area before going against the other party. You might end up getting embarrassed by your claim because of your lack of understanding of the laws.

Settle with the other party

In all legal matters, mediation is the first step to settlement before going to the court. Once you agree on the property lines, you can determine the perimeters of the land and will then file it with the recorder’s office or the land registry office to show that you already settled the dispute. Any issue that arises after both parties signed the agreement would be difficult to assess.

Find a mediator

If you think you cannot make a fair agreement with the other party, you can hire a mediator to help you as it is a low-cost method of reaching an agreement. You can ask your local court or police precinct to help find someone who is a qualified mediator to help you.

Partner with a lawyer

It might be time for you to lawyer up if you cannot settle the disagreement with your neighbour. Once you already have a lawyer, you can send a letter to notify your neighbour that you intend to take further legal action. The letter needs to indicate a violation. You also need to specify that you wish to take the next step to resolve the problem.  

File a lawsuit

If you still cannot reach an agreement after several attempts, it might be time to file a lawsuit. It costs quite a lot, but you need to do it if you think the piece of land that you could lose due to the claim of your neighbour is valuable. This lawsuit is your last resort, and you should only do it if you are confident that you have a highly qualified lawyer helping you out.

No one wants to go through this messy process, but you need to fight for what you rightfully own.

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