Top 5 Fast Food Favorites You Can Easily Make at Home

Most of us are addicted to fast foods, even though we know that it isn’t usually the best meal plan for us. It has been proven that fast foods are a prime reason we have a lot of common health issues and our younger generations are obese. However, to some extent, we all have a favorite restaurant that serves up something we simply cannot get enough of. The good news is that you can eat the foods you love without overindulging on fast food. Here are just a few fast food favorites that you can easily make at home.

McDonald’s Favorites


McDonald’s is a favorite place to eat for most kids and a lot of adults. Their burgers and fries are always a hit with most people. People love the Big Mac, which you can create at home if you want to eliminate some of excess calories and add a little more flavor. There are easy recipes for the special sauce and you get the advantage of using real hamburger patties that you season the way you want them.

If you want to have their fries at home, you simply have to cut up potatoes into small “shoestring” fries, deep fry them for a few minutes until they start to soften, chill them in the freezer, and then finish cooking them. They will come out perfect and you can avoid getting the “old grease” taste.

The Best Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is something that most everyone enjoys eating, but frying it right is not always easy. It can be hard to get the seasoning just right. Therefore, we often end up venturing out to fast food restaurants to satisfy our craving for chicken. Instead of venturing out to KFC, Popeye’s, or any other chain chicken joint, why not use their recipes and create your own? There are a lot of KFC secret recipes out there and you can even make Popeye’s spicy chicken. You may already have the ingredients sitting in your kitchen.



Sliders are very tiny, bite sized hamburgers that little kids and adults all enjoy taking a bite out of. You can make your own mini-burgers if you want to. Just use hamburger, onion, onion soup mix, a dab of peanut butter, some milk, and dinner rolls. If you do, you will have a slider that is befitting of being served in every White Castle restaurant.

Perfect Pizza

Perfect Pizza

You can easily make your own pizza, and have it taste like delivery rather than a box. You simply have to mix your dough, spread it in the bottom of a frying pan, iron skillets are best, and then top it with all the sauce, cheese, or other toppings that you want to put on it. You can make it by using any combination of ingredients and they can be piled on as thick as you want them. Can you say the same about your local pizza place?



If you are chilled on a cold winter’s night, what better way to warm up than a bowl of chili? Chili is a favorite for many people, but it is usually best if it comes from a restaurant, unless you want to spend all day prepping it. There are recipes available for Wendy’s chili and Waffle House Chili if there is one you prefer. Both will be simply amazing when you cook them at home and as a bonus, you will likely have leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Fast food is convenient. It often tastes great and there are many recipes that are hard to duplicate at home if you are not sure what to put into it. With the internet and everyone trying to live healthier lives, there are a lot of recipes available to you. These recipes from popular fast food places allow you to eat healthier from the comfort of your own home. Most do not require you to cook for hours. Can you think of a downside to preparing the best for your family?

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