Five Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Sports Enthusiasts

Five Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Sports Enthusiasts

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Five Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Sports Enthusiasts

We all know someone whose entire life seems to revolve around sports.  Between football, basketball, hockey, golf, and every other sport on ESPN and ESPN2 (who even knew there was such a thing as Russian Motoball?), these people just can’t seem to get their fill of sports.  Maybe they like to get outside and muddy it up with a round of soccer or rugby, or even participate in extreme sports like cliff-diving, ice-climbing, surfing, or parkour.  In any case, their love affair with all things sporting certainly makes it easy to find suitable gifts.  The only real problem is narrowing down the possibilities to find the perfect present for Valentine's Day.  And here are a few that may hit the mark.


If you want to go all out and get a gift for the sports enthusiast in your life, you really can’t go wrong with a tablet.  At this point your best bet is an Apple or Android device simply because they have the most apps for sports fans.

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But with access to news feeds (general or by sport), clips and stats, twitter accounts (for teams and players), sporting blogs, and even games, a tablet is the perfect complement to any sports fan’s regimen of game-watching.


Whether the sports enthusiast in your life likes all sports equally, follows a few, or subscribes to one religiously, jerseys are a great way to give a gift that any sports nut is sure to love while showing that you have paid enough attention to know which teams are your friend’s favorite.

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And while they can be a bit pricey, you can often find sales at the end of the season or bid on game-worn or signed jerseys via sites like eBay.

Coolibar clothing.

Whether you’re shopping for a sports enthusiast that is 10, 20, or 80 years of age, this clothing company has something for anyone who enjoys fun in the sun.  Every item of clothing is sun protective (with a UPF of 50+ and even zinc oxide in the fibers), and there are tons of options, from swimwear and cover-ups, to everyday items like shirts, jackets, and pants, to accessories like scarves, hats, glasses, gloves, and even umbrellas.

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And if your friend likes to dress up Fido in sports-themed dog vests and take him along to tailgate parties or outdoor sporting events, you can even get a sun-blocking dog shelter to keep his best friend cool.

You Bar gift card. 

Those that spend a lot of time engaged in sporting activities will no doubt relish the opportunity to make their very own energy bar.

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With eight categories of ingredients to choose from, your friend can customize a bar for weight loss, bulking, pure energy, or even just for taste.

Game tickets. 

The best gift for any sports enthusiast is a front-row seat at a fantastic sporting event.  Okay, so front-row tix may be out of your price range, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience fun with decent seats and vouchers for hot dogs and beer.  So check the NFL, NBA, NHL, or NASCAR schedule for the season to pick an event that your friend is sure to love.

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