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Ways to Earn Cash Back

Ways to Earn Cash Back

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Do you want to earn extra cash on your purchases? If yes, you should consider money back saving offers. These programs can make you some extra cash when you buy products from both offline and online retail stores. There are tons of resources available nowadays that you can use when you need to make extra money through this medium.

Some of the resources you can use include cash-back websites, cash-back credit cards, coupon websites, reward programs, and cash-back smartphone apps.

Take a look at the following resources you can use to earn extra money from your shopping activities:

Cash Back and Coupon Websites


With Groupon, Sears, Amazon, Kohls and more than 1,700 online stores partnered with this online platform, Ebates is one of the best cash-back websites. Using this site, instead of receiving cash from payday loans, you can effectively enjoy cash back savings when you shop at one of its partner stores. After activating your account on Ebates, you can easily save as much as 40%.

To save money on your purchases, log into your Ebates account, locate the store you want to buy items from and allow Ebates to keep track of your transaction. This excellent website also provides you an opportunity to earn extra cash when you refer your friends and families to join the platform.

Big Crumbs

Available for customers in the UK, the US, Canada, and a few other countries, Big Crumbs is an online coupon website which can be used to get you cash back when buying certain products. Big Crumbs now utilizes a program called CrumbShares which allows registered members to earn extra money when shopping. CrumbShares is a first-of-its-kind program that enables customers to gain many shares based on the volume of savings they have made from Big Crumbs. Customers get paid according to the commission of those sales. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to make quick cash with little or no sweat.

Top Cash Back

Top Cash Back enables customers from the US and Canada to make more money through cash back offered in the form of rebates and coupons. When it comes to the websites that provide the best opportunity for money back, Top Cash Back can only be rivaled by a few sites such as Ebates. This website can be used to access cash back savings on Walmart, E-bay, Bloomingdale’s,, Groupon, Best Buy,, and 3,500 other stores that offer different products and services. To enjoy the services of Top Cash Back all you have to do is sign up and check the available offers.


When using SwagBucks, you are offered a cut in the percentage as you make purchases for different products as a member. Based on its mode of operation, SwagBucks is a bit different from most other platforms providing cash back; however, it offers significant benefits to its members. By signing up at Swagbucks, you can start to earn extra money when you shop for different products through the website. You can also use Swagbucks to get rewards for your web searches and redeem gift cards.

Other coupons and cash-back websites that you can check when you need cash back savings are Giving Assistant, Mr. Rebates, and Upromise.

Smartphone Apps

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a mobile app that customers residing in the US and Canada can utilize to get quick cash on their purchases. Rated 4.5 stars by customers, this mobile app is one of the best cash-back apps available for customers using mobile devices under Android and Apple operating systems. To make use of Checkout 51, open the app and browse through the partner stores on its user-friendly interface to see the products available. You scan your receipt after making any purchase to earn extra money immediately.


Smartphone and mobile device users on Apple and Android operating systems can use Ibotta as another dependable cash-back app. When using Ibotta, you check out products at local stores before making a purchase. Afterward, buy the products you want and scan the barcode and receipt with Ibotta. With all this done, Ibotta will offer you cash back savings on the products bought. To earn more money, refer your friends and family to join Ibotta.

Other cash-back apps for Android and Apple mobile devices include GroupSnap, BerryCart, SavingStar, Receipt Hog, Shrink, Snap, and Shopkick. All these apps are rated at least 4 out of 5 stars by customers.

Credit Cards

While this is another viable option for enjoying cash back savings, you need to be wary of using credit cards to earn extra money. There are several credit unions and banks that can provide you an opportunity to get cash back on your shopping activities. Nevertheless, the annual fees attached to these credit cards are usually exorbitant and can take a large chunk of your earnings. Notably, you can still consider using a credit card to enjoy cash back savings if you get excellent and favorable deals from your bank or credit union.

Reward Cards

Many people often overlook the importance of loyalty cards that stores offer. If you obtain loyalty or reward cards from a store, you may get access to coupons and other money-saving options provided by the company to ensure cash back savings. Nowadays, you can quickly and efficiently keep track of the offers provided for your reward card when you connect the card to your smartphone. Nonetheless, it would help if you look before you leap as specific stores give reward cards without offering any exclusive benefits to their customers.

Finally, considering the availability of different platforms that can be used to get cash back on your purchases, you should take your time to browse through these platforms. You should check out their offers and be sure of how they can be helpful to you before signing up.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.