What Happened To All You Magazine? Get Your Subscription Refund.

What Happened to ALL You Magazine?

When I got a letter from my niece, Leila, asking “Aunt Kim” to order some magazine to support her school, I was excited to see All You Magazine advertised for $15 for 22 issues.

All You Magazine Subscription

I immediately went to order and couldn't find All You Magazine on the magazine website. I figured it was a glitch, so I put the letter aside to remind myself to look later. And then I received this postcard…

All You Magazine Postcard

We are writing to inform you that ALL YOU in no longer being published effective with the December 2015 issue. This remainder of your subscription will be honored with a subscription to REAL SIMPLE magazine. You will receive one issue for every remaining paid issue of your ALL YOU subscription. We are sure that you will enjoy reading REAL SIMPLE.

Your first issue of REAL SIMPLE will mail within nine months. If you are already a REAL SIMPLE subscriber, you subscription will be extended. If you'd rather not receive REAL SIMPLE, please call 1-866-914-3403 within four weeks of the date above to receive a refund for the remaining value of your subscription.

There are so many things wrong with this announcement.

First, the last issue was in December 2015, yet they waited until March/April to tell us?!

I only subscribed to ALL YOU for the manufacturer coupons (which were dwindling) and rarely had time to read the articles in the magazine. I currently get several magazine subscriptions that I have good intentions of reading, but time gets away from me.

Who says I want to receive REAL SIMPLE even if I had time to read it?

So, today I called the toll-free number to cancel. They needed my account number. It is nowhere on the postcard. Luckily they were able to search and find me. They said I'd receive a refund check for $12.50 in 3-4 weeks. I should've asked how many issues I had left to see what that equated to.

If I did want to receive REAL SIMPLE, I'm guessing it'd be a better deal all around to request a refund of my ALL YOU and then re-order REAL SIMPLE online ($11.94/year from Amazon) or from my niece's school where it's $20, but the school get 40-50% of the profit.

Were you upset to hear that ALL YOU Magazine is no longer being published?

What Happened To All You Magazine? Get Your Subscription Refund.

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