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Precious stones are a part of the history of humankind. These colorful rocks were just nothing for the most ancient civilizations as metal was more important. With metals, you can create a lot of which would be very useful. It can be molded into a makeshift weapon or even just a simple tool for everyday use. Those stones, on the other hand, were never even looked at. They were just pretty, so they used it as ornaments. Evidence of this kind of behavior can still be seen in various fossil and heritage sites all around the world. This page shows the most common ones used. It wasn’t until the foundations of cities and empires that these colored rocks are actually very valuable.

Diamond Cuts

We would usually see precious stones wrapped in gold or other chains. They are tacked on various jewelries as they make these look more interesting. Some of the colors also cannot be replicated during their time. Some are harder than others, while some were more prone to scratch. Their brilliance and luster can be improved though. There are a lot of precious stones in the market that we cannot just list them here. However, if there is one stone that is the most coveted, it is the diamond. 

Truth about These Stones 

Diamonds were once said to be a girl or woman’s best friend. This is due to the fact that in the previous decades, men were “required” by society to give their soon-to-be wife a diamond ring when they get married or engaged. This is not just about the diamond ring itself as this is already a metaphor for the man being the provider while the wife should just stay in the house. This might be rather dated now, but there are still some semblance of it in the modern world. Namely: buying a diamond for your wife is equals love and attention. This might not be inherently true all the time but you can see it. Learn more about it here.

If you really want to choose a diamond, it is important that you know even just the basics. After all, you are going to spend a lot of money to be with the other person. There is nothing inherently wrong with buying one, but there are just a lot of people who create issues out of it. It is important not just to look at the price, but the quality as well. No matter how pure the gem is, no one wants to buy anything less. You might also be cheated out of the price. 

Aspects of the Diamond You Need to Check

The 4 Components of Diamonds Explained

1. Color

This would refer to the hue that the diamond has. Usually, the less color it has, the better and higher the cost will be. For example, there are varieties of diamonds that has a yellow color in it. This can be due to impurities or others, but this is also graded low by any jeweler in the world. It needs to be at least white or even better if colorless. There are still facets around it, but you will clearly see the differences between each piece of jewel

2. Clarity

This one refers to cloudiness or if it was also tainted by any color. There are some pure diamonds but they have a lot of other materials inside so it would be more affordable. Once there is something inside any kind of jewel, it will lose its brilliance and can affect the price in the market. On the other hand, if it is deemed “flawless” then it will increase in value over time. 

3. Cut

A cut refers to how the gem shines under a light source. This is considered to be the most vital when choosing a diamond as this is the first thing that you will see. If it has a lot of uniform cuts all around and forms a pretty geometric shape, then it is a good kind of diamond. However, if it is all choppy around the edges, then it would lessen the luster that it should have. Check out this Diamond Cuts Website to learn more.

4. Carat Weight

Lastly, the most common thing you hear when talking about precious stones: The carat. This would just refer to the weight of stone but not in actual price. As per usual, the heavier it is the better it will be the next day.

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