You can have a lavish and luxurious home and a cramped apartment but nothing should stop you from wanting to have a bar space in your residence so you can spike up yours and your guests’ life. Here are a few amazing ideas where you can install your very own home bar and make it look creative and elegant at the same time.

10 Creative Design Ideas for a Home Bar

  1. Shelf It Up

Bookshelves and spaces under the stairs might not be that well used, or perhaps your wine bottles still haven’t found the right spot, so placing them in artistic and creative ways within shelves and racks might make them look a lot prettier than they originally did! This also adds to the charm of your place.

  1. Find the Spot

It is important to find the exact spot where you’re going to install your wine cabinet or wet bar. Under a staircase, over the kitchen counter, tucked into a corner above the sink or settled comfortably in a part of the living room; anything could well be utilised for good if you understand all points of it.

  1. Less Is More

The smaller your space, the more organised you can make it. Use walls and hooks to attach wine racks and bottle holders above a wooden table. It could just make your space look coordinated and properly settled at the same time leave it looking gorgeous.

  1. Wardrobe It In

Found an extra wardrobe that you can’t put anything else in? Why not stow it into a hollow wall space and make it into an impressive looking bar or wine cabinet? Many unused things can be turned into a space that can play host to your beverages and cocktail-making devices that you didn’t think was possible.

  1. Use the Extras

If there’s extra space in your kitchen or living room, it could be incorporated into a bar setting without having to do much or add to it. Extra space can be found anywhere in a big apartment, and sometimes even small ones where you can perch up a wet bar and make it look decorative.

  1. Vintage Feels

You might have an old cart or closet stowed away in the storage room, or an unused table that grandma used for her stitching. Anything that hasn’t found a use could well become your new space for a wet bar or the likes. Vintage, rustic looking things are more interesting than anything these days, and with contemporary designs taking the world by storm, a rustic bar would look a lot more inviting.

  1. Discreet Is the Key

Finding space for a bar inside a small home might be a little tricky, but if you get a tiny corner or an undersized cabinet that hasn’t found much use, you can stick it into a quiet corner and use it when needed. No one would be able to spot it or have it be in their way, so it gets as safe as it can for one and all.

  1. Carts and Cabinets

Make use of old carts and cabinets that you can easily find in scrap stuff in your old garden shed or thrift shop. Recycling metal scrap is pretty trendy these days, and adding a splash of colour to it according to the theme of your home would do a lot to increase the appeal of it.

  1. Accessorize It

As important it is to accessorize your walls and doors, it is just as necessary to make sure your bar looks inviting. Adding a small artefact, vase or two over the counter next to your mixing apparatus or a bottle and things might just make your compact home bar appear pretty and appealing. A painting over the wall could also embellish the charm.

While we know, it is a bar, and is supposed to have fancy chairs which are not quite comfortable. Then again, it is a bar at your home. Does it have to be that conventional? Why not install some comfy sofas, bean bags or shiatsu chairs for seating?

  1. Dining and Wining

Installing a wine cabinet within the dining area makes it much easier and practical for a dinner that involves some elegant wine. Wine and food mix well together, so if you’ve got a small wine cabinet or drawers settled within your dining room, whether small or big depending on your space, it might just become a hit at upcoming dinner parties.

With such awesome ideas to incorporate your home bars, there’s a lot that you can do when it comes to utilization of space whether you live in a mansion or a small apartment.

10 Creative Design Ideas for a Home Bar
10 Creative Design Ideas for a Home Bar