10 Easy To Learn Musical Instruments

If you’re looking to learn a musical instrument, then this is a great step for you! Learning new musical instruments is a great way to flex your creative muscles and create some awesome music. Keep reading down below to learn about the easiest ones for you to learn. When you learn any of these musical instruments, you’re not going to have to spend hours trying to figure them out. You’ll be creating some great music in no time!

10 Easy To Learn Musical Instruments

  1. The Ukulele

You probably know about the ukulele, but don’t understand much about it. However, it’s a great instrument for those of you who would love to learn the guitar, but just don’t have the time to put into it. The ukulele is a great place to start because it has fewer strings than a guitar and less notes to play. This means that you’ll be able to pick up, learn a few chords, and be playing some great songs in no time.

  1. The Guitar

The guitar is another one of those instruments that’s easy to pick up at first and play a few easy songs, but will get more difficult over time. However, if you’re just looking to play simple songs, then the guitar is great for you! If you do choose the guitar, then be sure to check out an article about the best guitars for beginners.

  1. The Clarinet

Now, when you think about easy instruments to play, the clarinet might not be the first on your list. However, once you get the hang of it, you can play some simple songs without a ton of effort. Sure, if you get up to the more difficult songs, you’ll have to put in more work. But it’s well worth it!

  1. The Triangle

Now, this one might seem like a pretty simple instrument and that’s true! The triangle is a great instrument for those of you who don’t want to spend much time at all learning a new instrument. The triangle is just what it sounds like – a metal triangle that you play with a small metal stick.

  1. The Kazoo

The kazoo isn’t the easiest instrument to learn, but you’re definitely going to be able to pick up some simple songs with a bit of work. The kazoo is a great instrument to learn because of the fun songs you’ll be able to play!

  1. The Piano

If you’re not going to be playing any songs from Beethoven, then the piano is a great choice for you. It can get tough to play when you choose masterpieces to learn, but simple songs are easy to learn and play on the piano.

  1. The Harmonica

The harmonica is one of the most fun instruments that you can learn if you just want to fool around a bit. As soon as you pick it up and start blowing some notes, you’re going to be able to play simple songs in no time.

  1. The Tambourine

This next instrument is definitely one of the easiest to learn how to play on this list. The tambourine is pretty simple in that it’s just a circular device with bells on the edges to make sound. You can bang it on your hand, on your leg, or however you want to play it!

  1. The Whistle

Now, a whistle might not seem like a true musical instrument, but you would be surprised at what kind of music you can make!

  1. The Trumpet

And lastly, we have the trumpet. This is something that you might have played in your high school band, but is definitely a great one to learn if you’re looking for an easy instrument.

So, which of these musical instruments are you going to choose? They are all great choices if you’re looking to get that creative mind flowing with some great music.

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Easiest To Learn Musical Instruments