Buy Musical Instruments Now, Pay Later

Buy Musical Instruments Now, Pay Later

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Band was introduced to me in the 5th grade. There was a family night for kids and their parents to come to the school gymnasium and see and test out the various musical instruments. My single mom took advantage of the music store's finance plan so I could play the flute (after I decided I liked that instrument better than the clarinet).

Buy Musical Instruments Now, Pay Later

Musical instruments are still expensive, but now there are more options thanks to the internet and better payment plans.

Make Payments on Musical Instruments

Here is a list of online stores that all sell musical instruments and have deferred finance options so you can can make installment payments on a new instrument for your child or yourself, as it's never too late to learn!

Music Stores

Stores dedicated to only selling musical instruments and accessories will have a better selection, especially if you are looking for an unusual instrument such as an oboe or tuba, compared to super stores that sell a little of everything.

Guitar Center

Guitar Center sells more types of musical instruments than just guitars! Guitar Center sells amps, drums, keyboards and more plus offers 0% interest for 24 months on 110+ top brands. Financing options include the Guitar Center credit card, All Media Capital, Hampton Ridge, Commercial Accounts and Marlin Equipment Finance. See all Guitar Center financing options now!


Reverb is a marketplace for musicians to buy and sell used, vintage and new music gear plus they accept Affirm for payment so you can make payments on preowned musical instruments. Shop Reverb.com now!

Sam Ash

Sam Ash offers 0% interest for 24 months on select purchase plus earn a $100 Visa prepaid card when you open a new Sam Ash credit card. Sam Ash also accepts Progressive Leasing and Marlin Equipment Financing. Shop SamAsh.com now!


zZounds has a “Play As You Pay” installment plan on orders over $59 with 0% interest charged. Split your order into 4 payments with no credit check on orders up to $1000. Split orders up to $3000 into 6, 8 or 12 payments. Shop Zzounds.com now!

Super Stores

Super stores will not have as big of a selection of musical instruments compared to dedicated music stores, but they may have a lower price on staple instruments, such as clarinets and flutes.


Amazon offers a free $50 gift card for applying and getting approved for their Amazon Rewards Visa Card that you can instantly apply towards a musical instrument plus earn 3% back on your Amazon purchase. Shop musical instruments at Amazon.com now!

PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit offers no payments and no interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchase of $99 or more. Simply check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit. The following stores all sell musical instruments and accept PayPal Credit for payment.

More Options

Most of the stores mentioned above are located in the United States (but may ship internationally). If you live in Australia, we recommend Artist Guitars who accepts ZipPay and Afterpay for installment billing.

Make Payments On Musical Instruments

5 thoughts on “Buy Musical Instruments Now, Pay Later”

  1. I would strongly suggest avoiding zZounds at all costs. Yes you can most likely be approved for up to $3,000.00 but god forbid anything happens to your equipment and you want to return it even if its something that is beyond ridiculous as to whats happening like the paint finish on a $1,600.00 guitar wearing off in under 30 days and they except a return you return it to their exact guidelines they provide return shipping label and you recieve pictures a week after you sent it out of a guitar snapped in two basically completly destroyed and you know without a single doubt you did not ship it that way it obviously was damaged in shipping so you ask zZounds who provided the return label why they don’t claim insurance and they proceed to lie to you and tell you they encouraged you to get insurance which is complete bull and you go back and forth for a few days pleading for your bank account basically as this is an expensive guitar were talking about and you try you best to convey that it was not like that in fact you provide pictures from days before the shipping and you have 4 other peoples statements who back you up as your band was there while you packaged it but zZounds goes dark no response to your last email and sure enough a few days later that smashed guitar arrives in the mail. Now they wont return any of your emails and in fact still have other high price items the did take back in the return still on your account showing you owe them over $3,000-.00 for equipment you returned and don’t have and a guitar that was ugly but at least playable when you shipped it now its a pile of wood basically.. In end horrible cuxtomer service only out to protect their money, will not compromise, will not meat you half way, will not listen to you. I will never do any business with them again and I have since my experience read numerous others with negative experiences. American Music Supply is a good company who offers pay as you play, SweetWater is an amazing amazing company that offers credit although with credit check but amazing customer service. DO NOT BUY FROM ZZOUNDS!!!!!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE STORE!!!!!!

    1. Just for the record ~ i purchased a guitar for my son from zzounds and he’s had it 6 months ~no problems. The payment plan allowed me to get a very nice instrument. They’ve been a breeze to work with and the guitar looks and sounds amazing.

      1. Actually they are not the same company. Ask them. They will tell you they simply use same warehouses that are actually owned by a mutual wholesaler. Check your facts before u call someone a name. You’re either one miserable person loving some company or just a jerk… or both. A troll for sure & I bet u aren’t impressive in the slightest as most who insult others ESPECIALLY those who are wrong when they do so like you, tend to be. Lol. Pathetic

  2. ZZOUNDS is a great option if u pay ur bills & need interest free financing on top of the line pro Audio gear. Of course they’re strict on returns and nonpayment but they’re awesome everywhere else. I’ve used them many times since 2010 & found them to be great. If not con is they don’t report to any credit bureaus in case u want to establish credit overall but they do upgrade u as u prove yourself into longer plans for higher interest free amounts up to 18 months. For products like Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, etc. that’s factually quite impressive. AMS ignored me despite my completing perfectly 2 plans totaling over $2k in gear. I don’t recommend AMS. Btw they are individually owned no connection to Zzounds besides sharing mutual warehouse space a separate wholesaling or distribution company owns. Ask them they’ll tell you. No clue why it says they’re same company on Google… shows u how inaccurate internet can be I suppose. So be smart do your own research l regardless and always before making any buying decisions. Just IMHO for whatever that may be worth albeit I do try to speak only facts known and experienced. Just saying.

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