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4 Tips For Thoughtful Giving

4 Tips For Thoughtful Giving

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It is so exciting and yet bewildering at the same time when there is someone you care for and you want to get them something to prove your love.

Giving a gift is one of the most wonderful things we can do as human beings; caring for each other, thinking about what someone might want or needs, and giving up time, energy, and cash to buy that perfect present. To avoid awkward moments in choosing the wrong gift, or to really impress the recipient of the gift, here are four excellent ideas for presents in the modern world.

1. A Surprise Vacation

People’s hyper-industrialized lives feel suffocating sometimes; if the one you care about is working hard to make things better, they may feel overwhelmed and in need of a break to reflect, recharge and bounce back into their lives with more energy and positivity and this could come in the form of a surprise vacation.

2. A Car

This works especially well if you have someone young in mind. It may appear that this present will only suit those with a lot of money to spare, but not exactly true. It’s not only that million-dollar Porsche that you can buy to make your loved one happy: if your budget is $40,000, you can find used cars for sale under $40,000 that will go the distance for your loved one. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to spend, but a car is a gift that goes along way.

3. Something That Serves Their Needs

A gift is about listening. People in your life have been saying a lot throughout the day – often, more than mere words. Before choosing the right gift, try to do a listening exercise. Listen for a week to the person in a deeper way.

What is it that upsets them? What is it that has been their most recent passion? What is it that means most to them? And what is it that can practically help them nowadays? Any gift that is the product of constructive listening will surely go down well with its happy recipient.

4. How to Give Your Gift

A gift is not only about the object: it sends a message of who you are to them and what they are to you. Here is a very brief list of things to consider to make your gift-giving special, exciting, and passionate:


Many people tend to forget that some people’s special days – not just birthdays, but other anniversaries – are the best time to surprise them.


The atmosphere goes a long way in deciding how someone is feeling or thinking. Try to pick the right space and atmosphere for special moments to bring you closer together.


This mostly goes unnoticed, but when you give someone something special, try to make a small gesture: a deep look, a smile, or a give a small card with meaningful words that will be savored beyond the life-span of the gift itself.

These four tips will help you select and give the perfect gift for your loved one, helping them appreciate the level of affection and care you wish to communicate to them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.