5 Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

With time, your bathroom can be subjected to the effects of fluctuations of humidity, temperature, and other effects that result from consistent activity, leaving it looking ragged and worn. You have no option but to consider bathroom remodeling. However, remodeling can be a costly affair. Remodeling not only fixes your bathroom features, fittings, and flooring, it also helps restore comfort in the shower place and gives it an up-to-date look. However, there are always ways to have it done without dealing with an elephant of a budget.

Here are 5 cheap bathroom remodeling ideas you might find useful:

1. Give Your Bathroom Wall a Transformation

Just giving your bathroom wall a new coating or adding some artistic hangings can give it a transformed new look. Adding a paint coat will, however, require you to do some thorough cleaning on the walls to get rid of any stains, dirt, and mold, mildew, and soap marks. With this done, your painting can see better days ahead. You can also consider adding a wainscot wall, in which case vinyl will be a better option compared to wood. This is because vinyl is easier to clean and has a higher resistance to the effects of fluctuating temperature and humidity.

2. Add Some New Fixtures

If you are rather on a tight budget, you can consider replacing old or worn out fixtures with new affordable ones. This would be less costly compared to a complete overhaul bathroom remodeling. These can include replacing malfunctioned or worn faucets, cabinets, and mirrors, just to name a few. It is, however, important to shop with a blending mindset and ensure that the designs and colors of your new fixtures will match the existing features.

3. Work On the Tiles

Broken, chipped, dirty, or cracked wall or floor tiles may not be quite a presentable scene for your bathroom. They can even pose a safety hazard. Consider replacing any broken tiles to give your bathroom a new spiced-up look, and add some style and color to the shower place. You can make patterns and come up with designs even better than the previous ones without having to spend a fortune on the same.

4. Keep an Eye on the Grout Lines

Grout is that part of tile flooring that is most affinitive to dirt and staining as soap, molds and other material from your bathroom collects over time. This unwanted material is often stubborn to get rid of and can leave your bathroom looking horrible if left unattended for long. There are tools which you can use to remove the old grout and replace it with new material, without having to spend much. This can bring a new look for your bathroom; leaving it looking like a repair has been done on the entire flooring or wall tiles.

5. Consider Vanity Resurfacing

Vanity resurfacing can leave your bathroom looking new again. If the surfaces of the old vanity are clean and smooth surfaces, you don’t have to get rid of the old vanity. Also, you can consider laminating or adding tiles to your bathroom counters and other vanity surfaces. This can give the bathroom that transformed you've only seen in your dreams.

In addition to the above few ideas, you don’t have to replace every other feature in one go. You can make small periodic changes based on priority and how much you’ve set aside for the project. You can also get more inspiration online from sites such as Showersly, which provides professional bathroom product reviews that you can use when planning a bathroom remodeling or overhaul renovation.

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