Five Cheap and Easy Home Improvement Tips

Easy and Cheap Home Improvement Tips

Thoughts of home improvement tend to inevitably lead to thoughts of your bank account taking a massive hit. The expensive kitchen remodel, the costly deck expansion, and the list goes on. Improving your home doesn’t always need to pillage your bank account, however. There are numerous cheap and easy home improvement tips to spruce up your house on the cheap.

Refinish old furniture

Requiring little more than some sanding and repainting, refinishing old furniture is an ideal low-cost way to reinvent your surroundings. Antique furniture with little resale value can be transformed into a brightly colored piece to create a room around. If you’d like to keep its antique appearance, numerous blends of paint that give it an aged yet clean look are available on-line or at hardware stores. Or you can take a more subtle approach and turn an eyesore into a functional piece of furniture.

Carpet cleaning without chemicals

While not technically home improvement, you can save money by putting your cleaning in the hands of household products. Shaving cream can save you hundreds on professional carpet cleaning. Use a dollop of white shaving cream on carpet stains, let it sit for a minute, then apply cold water to clean off the shaving cream. For tough stains, you may need to clean off the shaving cream with soap and water or pour white vinegar on the stain and let it dry.

Fix squeaky hardwood floors

One downside of hardwood floors is that they tend to warp slightly over time, which leads to the inevitable squeaky noise when you walk over specific areas of the floor. A cheap and easy fix–baby powder–can save you the expensive headache of replacing hardwood floors. Shake baby powder into the floorboard cracks then sweep up whatever is left. You can also use powdered graphite for the same effect, although this is slightly more expensive.

Update light fixtures

Light fixtures tend to draw the eye whether on or off. They carry a distinct appearance that generally stands out amongst a room’s decor. If you have old out-of-style fixtures or simply want to improve the aesthetic of a room, try updating your light fixtures to newer styles or something that more closely resembles the interior decor.

Remove clutter

It sounds simple and it is. A clean house will always look better than a messy one, but you can take cleanliness a step further by investing in furniture with drawers to hide clutter you may have sitting around in baskets. For example, if you have a basket full of TV remotes and other random clutter, try getting a coffee table with drawers and storing the remotes out of sight–but easily within reach.

Five Cheap and Easy Home Improvement Tips

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