5 Signs That You’re Using Your Bedroom the Wrong Way

5 Signs That You’re Using Your Bedroom the Wrong Way

Out of all the rooms in your house, has it ever occurred to you that you might be using a room in the “wrong” way? Thankfully, there aren’t many ways to go wrong and you can probably mix and match your rooms as you see fit. For instance, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with merging both your living room and your kitchen, and you could even have a toilet in your utility room if you wish. While there are some strange ideas that would be hard to accept (such as putting a toilet in the kitchen) there’s one common mistake that all homeowners make at some point in their lives: using the bedroom incorrectly.

You might be thinking “how can you use your bedroom incorrectly?”, but you’d be surprised at the many things we do that just don’t belong in the bedroom. To give you an idea, here are five signs that you’re using your bedroom the wrong way.

A clean and simple bedroom should be free of distractions. 

  1. You only sleep in the bedroom when you have to

When was the last time you really got a good night’s rest? No, really, when was the last time you actually got some quality sleep? If you wake up feeling groggy or yearn for bed after work, then there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough sleep. If you find yourself sleeping on the sofa, on a chair or even on the floor because you’re swamped with work, then it might be time to start using your bedroom for sleep and not your sofa.

  1. You have a computer or laptop in your bedroom

Since when did it become normal to have your office in the same room as your bedroom? Not only does it promote bad habits such as working late into the night, but it also distracts you from actually falling asleep. Keep your bedroom and your home office separate if you want the best of both worlds.

  1. You love to lounge in your bed and not actually sleep in it

Do you use your bed more than you use a chair? If you love to lounge in your bed while you use your laptop, read a book or even eat your breakfast, then it’s time to stop using your bed for things other than sleeping. Not only does it make you less productive (it’s almost impossible to focus on work when you’re sat comfortably in bed) but it also associates your bed with other things than sleeping, making it difficult for you to fall asleep in the future.

  1. You haven’t replaced your mattress or bed for years

Your mattress is the most important component of the bed because it’s where you lay down and sleep. Check out a mattress buying guide and update it if you haven’t in a few years. It will make sleep more comfortable, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, and you’ll experience less pain in the future too.

  1. You spend more time in your bedroom than the rest of your house

Unless you live in a studio apartment where the bed is combined with your living room, there’s no excuse to be locked up in your bedroom. Come out of confinement and use the rest of your home like you’re supposed to, don’t do everything in your bedroom. Check out our post on remodeling our space

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