5 Things to Consider When You Purchase Eyewear

Buying a new pair of glasses is not the sort of purchase you want to take lightly. As the old proverb goes, “the eyes are the windows of the soul”, and the ‘dressing' you give those windows will always color people's first experience of you. Eyewear says a lot about who you are, what's important to you and how well you take care of yourself. They're breakable, but can also be very expensive. So you've got a lot of factors to keep straight. And if you need custom lenses, the delay is significant enough that you don't want to go through it that often. So keep these five considerations in mind when you are ready to purchase your next pair of eyewear.

First of all, what sort of glasses best fit your lifestyle? It may be a strange question, since the entire purpose of eyewear is to see and that is important regardless of your lifestyle choices. But are you the type of person that spends eight hours a day staring intently at a computer screen? Or are you an adventure sports junkie, always cleaning sand, snow or saltwater out of one crevice or another? Unless you can afford to purchase multiple pairs of glasses you must find eyewear that will most closely fit the majority of your needs. So consider how you spend a given month before making your purchase.

Have you had a recent eye exam? Even if you've had glasses for years and think you've got your prescription down it is imperative that you have a thorough eye exam performed by a professional eye doctor. Your prescription changes slightly over time, although you may not always be able to see the difference. But if you purchase new glasses that aren't right for your eyes you could face nausea, headaches and vertigo. The wrong prescription can even make your vision worse if left unchecked.

Do you know how to choose frames that will compliment your face? Although the lens is the most important part of your new eyewear, the visible piece is the frame, and that is what people will most likely notice. But beside that individual style, the frame can either go with the shape of your face in a complimentary manner, or look awkward on you. Make sure you try several different options on, but remember that the best frames will actually contrast with the shape of your face.

Have you considered any of the extras you may need? Your new purchase isn't just about the lens and the frame. There are many other extras you should consider, especially if your new eyewear will be used for a variety of purposes. You might want the lenses to be treated with an anti-scratch protection, or an anti-reflection coating so they stay clean and clear longer. Or what about UV protection so your eyes are safe from the sun? You'll also want the right case, so you always know where the glasses are and that they are safe. Don't leave the store with an order before you at least understand what all the options are, even if you don't utilize them.

Finally, do you know how to care of the glasses properly? Again, this is an expensive purchase, and you want it to last. Even when prescriptions change many people will just change out the lenses and keep the frames, especially if they are fancy glasses from Warby Parker or Tom Ford. Make sure you get a lesson when you are in the store so you are prepared for all contingencies. And definitely keep a list of chemicals cleaners that you can and cannot use on your particular eyewear.

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