5 Tricks To Do Yourself On Your Fixer-Upper

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5 Tricks To Do Yourself On Your Fixer-Upper

A fixer upper provides you with significant financial opportunity to build equity through your own repair and improvement efforts. These are diamonds in the rough that simply require adequate polishing before their true value is revealed. You may need to hire a contractor to assist with specialized or major tasks, such as tearing down walls or relocating pipes. However, there are many steps that a property owner can do on his or her own to directly enhance profitability while eliminating cost of labor from the equation. These are some excellent projects that property owners can focus their attention on to increase desirability and value when selling the home.

Upgrade the Light Fixtures

Lighting has a direct impact on the style of the home, and you can easily upgrade light fixtures to create a more stylish, appealing space. Remember that the placement of lights as well as the type of light that is thrown off by the fixtures can impact ambiance. Take time to select fixtures that benefit the style of the home as well as its ambiance.

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Paint the Walls

Paint has the incredibility ability to make a space look cleaner and fresher. When lighter colors are chosen for the walls, it can make a smaller home seem bigger and brighter. It can influence ambiance and add style. More than that, it is easy to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls to enjoy all of these benefits. While painting the home, do not overlook the importance of paint on the doors, trim and molding.

Replace the Hardware and Fixtures

Hardware, such as on the front door, interior doors and cabinetry, can also impact the look of the home. Likewise, plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms can also have a profound impact on the home. Replacing the hardware and fixtures is easy to do, and the main tool required is a screwdriver. Consider the style of the home when selecting the right hardware and fixtures for your home. To create a uniform look, ensure that you select the same type of finish for hardware and fixtures.

Enhance Curb Appeal

There are some projects that you may need to hire a professional landscaping crew to assist you with, such as trimming very tall trees as well as removing trees and trunks. However, in most cases, a property owner can easily improve curb appeal through various steps without professional assistance. Power washing stained concrete, laying new grass patches or seed, updating the flower beds and even adding new hardscaping are all projects that a homeowner can tackle through personal effort with time and energy. Curb appeal projects can have a dramatic impact on how attractive the property is and can play a direct role in how much interest the property receives from buyers.

Improve Natural Light

Whether you list the home as for sale by owner or you use a real estate agent’s services, natural light in the home is an important element that many people fail to focus on. A dark, gloomy space can be unattractive and can even turn buyers away from the home. Natural light, on the other hand, can make the space feel cheery and inviting. It can make smaller spaces feel larger, and it can instill a sense of warmth that you may otherwise be hard-pressed creating through other elements. Clean windows on the inside and out, and ensure that trees and bushes are not blocking light from entering the home. If you install blinds, ensure that they allow natural light to filter into the home.

There may be several projects that a property owner needs professional help to complete. However, a property owner with drive and general do-it-yourself skills can often make tremendous headway with a fixer upper on his or her own. As you create a strategy for improving your property, consider the time and skills required to complete the projects you have in mind.

5 Tricks To Do Yourself On Your Fixer-Upper

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