Bluelight Specials are back at Kmart

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KmartI remember when I was younger, my mom used to take me with her shopping at Kmart.  Over the loud speaker they would announce, “Attention Kmart Shoppers…” that a Bluelight Special was going on.  Everyone would literally run to find the flashing blue light to see what was on sale. Being a small girl, it felt like a stampede, similar to the Black Fridays of today. I'd grasp on to my mother's hand for dear life as she rushed to get in line by the cart containing the light so she could get the sale item marked down. Items back then (yes, I'm showing my age) didn't have UPCs to scan the price.  Everything had a price tag and had to be manually rung up by the cashier.

Anyway, that Kmart near me closed years ago, and although I still occasionally shop at out-of-town Kmarts (especially when they offer to double coupons), I hadn't heard the term “Bluelight” used in a long, long time…. until now!

Kmart Bluelight specials are back, and they debuted at Kmarts nationwide last Saturday! They offered over 40 specials including Mens Athletic Basketball Shorts for only $3 and Womens Joe Boxer Flip Flops for $4! I hope they continue to offer shoe specials, as I would love a new pair of boots for fall!

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