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How to Buy a New RV Camper Mattress Replacement With Financing

How to Buy a New RV Camper Mattress Replacement With Financing

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If you own an RV or a camper, you may be wondering how exactly you go about buying an RV mattress replacement. A comfortable camper mattress is easily one of the most important features when you travel.

These mattresses can often be hard to find and very expensive. Luckily you can buy them with financing, and the entire process is very simple!

There is no greater upgrade to your new camper or RV than a comfortable new mattress to help you sleep at night.

If you also plan on renting out your RV or Camper through a marketplace like RV Share, the mattress is one way to get better reviews and more money per rental.

GhostBed known for their regular mattresses now also offers RV mattresses that ship in as little as 5-7 days.  Pay over time with Affirm or Splitit, just choose your best financing option. They also sell some great add-ons including sheets, mattress protectors and pillows. offers Affirm financing. Affirm allows you to select a payment schedule that works best for you before you confirm your loan for your mattress. They have no hidden fees and will even let you set up email or text reminders when your payment due date is coming up.

If you plan on buying other accessories and gear for your camper and travels, it might make sense to get a store credit card and maximize points and special offers. Just make sure to have the funds budgeted to pay it off every month so you don’t accrue high interest rates.

Sites like Camping World offer a nice selection of RV and Camper mattresses, sheets, toppers, pillows and other accessories. Look at their Visa card for current points and cashback rewards program with the Good Sam Visa Credit Card.

Where to Buy an RV Mattress Online?

Traditionally, you would usually go into a brick and mortar store in order to buy a new camper mattress replacement to your old worn out one. This way you get to see it in person, and maybe even lay on it to test it out. This is rapidly changing, however, and almost everything is available for purchase thanks to the internet.

The first step in getting a new RV mattress is deciding on whether to shop online or offline. Shopping online will have many more benefits, including helping you to finance it, sites like Who doesn’t want to find an easier way to budget for this big purchase in order to do some more traveling?

Many people are unaware of just how many places there are to buy mattresses online. A quick search will yield hundreds of different online locations. Many of these will be able to find or make exactly what you are looking for. Before getting started, however, it is important to know some simple things like measurements, how thick it is, etc.

Most people will simply measure the mattress. This will usually work ok with most places. One of the best ways, however, is to measure all of the dimensions of the surface that the mattress rests on.

Usually, the mattress is placed on something like plywood or some other type of similar surface. This will give you a very accurate measurement for your new mattress. Many places will be able to make specialty cuts and sizes when needed. They can even offer special corner cuts when needed.

How Much Does An RV/Camper Mattress Cost?

The actual cost of your new mattress will largely depend on the size you need as well as the type of material. Prices can be as low as $150 all the way up to $2,000 for a top-of-the-line sleep number mattress. But, due to their smaller dimensions, most RV and camper mattresses will have much lower prices than standard mattresses. On average, most standard mattresses for the RV or camper fall in the $200 to $500 price range.

Financing Your Mattress

Making any large purchase takes thoughtful considerations such as your overall budget and if you plan to save up for it and pay upfront or if a monthly financing model makes more sense for your budget.

Many places offer financing in order to help you get your new mattress with 4 equal installments spread out over a few weeks or months. Services such as Affirm, PayPal, and Klarna offer an easy way to afford a new mattress while providing you with the flexibility to make payments and not worry about accruing interest on credit cards.

Shop our top recommended online destinations to buy your next camper or RV mattress with Buy Now Pay Later Financing. Financing options are a great way to afford a quality RV or camper mattress without paying credit card interest rates and working within your travel budget.

Where to Buy an RV Camper Mattress with Buy Now Pay Later Financing

Ghost Bed 

Splitit or Affirm 


Affirm financing

Camping World

Cashback and rewards offers with Good Sam Visa Credit Card


Affirm financing

Wilderness RV Mattress

Klarna or Paypal pay over time financing 

Financing Your Camper Mattress Replacement

What To Know About RV Mattress Shipping and Delivery

With you having found the perfect custom mattress for your RV or camper, you might now be wondering how long it will take to get it. Mattresses can be big, bulky, and awkwardly shaped. Luckily this will not slow them down when shipping, many businesses offer delivery right to your home.

Lead time in shipping might be one of the most important details in buying a mattress, especially if you have a trip planned and you need the mattress before leaving. With this in mind, most places will have a shipping time of 5 to 7 days for a standard-sized mattress and some might have a longer lead time for custom mattresses and can take up to 7 to 14 days to ship. It helps to order a mattress online as far ahead of any trips as possible.

For shipment, different types of mattresses will ship differently. Coil mattresses, for example, cannot be compressed which makes them much more difficult to ship. The price will be higher. Foam and memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are put into heavy plastic bags and are compressed, rolled, and slipped into another sleeve or box for shipping. These can ship straight from FedEx or UPS right to your doorstep.

Final Thoughts

Whether you own an RV or a camper, it has never been more important to get a good, comfortable mattress. Not only will you sleep better, but it can be very affordable thanks to some easy to shop online mattress stores. Remember, there is no greater upgrade to your new camper or RV than a comfortable new mattress to help you sleep at night!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.