Free Daily Goodie Box: Unboxing Video

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Daily Goodie Box

A Daily Goodie Box contains product samples that are 100% free to members (and membership is free) with no shipping costs. What's the catch you ask? They just ask for your honest opinion of the products after you try them. I received my Daily Goodie Box and decided to make my very first unboxing video (I'm a tad late on the unboxing bandwagon).

Here's a list of what free samples were all included in my Daily Goodie Box:

Since I am a known picky eater, I have to admit that I was reluctant to try any of these foods. So I entrusted the help of Trevor, who's done taste tests for me before. His favorite products were the black bean chips, the caramel candy and the cacao cranberry bar. His least favorite were the coffee cubes, but he also doesn't like coffee, so that could be why. The pickle popsicle, which is supposed to be good for rehydration, is still in the freezer awaiting trial. And the ginger beer will be used in a good Moscow mule.

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Free Daily Goodie Box: Unboxing Video

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