Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses Review

I had Lasik eye surgery back in the year 2000 when it was still in its infancy.  I was ecstatic to be able to see 20/20 immediately after being blind as a bat since starting elementary school.  I then had two enhancements done in 2007 to keep me seeing 20/20.  Well now that I’ve hit the big 4-0 milestone, I’ve accepted that fact that I now need glasses to wear occasionally, mainly for driving at night and watching sporting events, etc. So just last month, I forked out hundreds of dollars to my eye doctor for a new specs.

Then this month, I had the opportunity to review some uber cool vintage inspired Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses from  Since I don’t wear glasses all of the time, I wanted something “fun” and since my favorite color is pink, I opted for these Fuschia Designer Eyeglasses.

Kim in Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses

Don’t they make me look smart?! The math geek in me loves the multiplication and division signs attribution (it would take another math geek to notice it).

Kim's Pink Eyeglasses

I think they look awesome paired with color-matching apparel!

And I was super-impressed not only with‘s fast shipping, but with their prices!  This particular pair sells for only $88 – that’s less than half the cost you’d pay at your local optical store!  But wait, there’s more to be impressed about – for every pair of glasses that you purchase from, they donate another pair of eyeglasses to someone in need.  So you can look good while doing good!

Hmmm, can I return my other glasses I bought last month now?!

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