DIY Redesigns For Almost Any Household Object

DIY Redesigns For Any House

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Last updated on July 6, 2021

Redesign projects for almost any household object in existence have become the latest in the do-it-yourself frenzy that has captured the imagination of crafters, renovators and remodelers across the country.

Everyone has ideas, from making signs out of stray wood pieces, to creating candles from mason jars. There are whole internet sites, magazines and books devoted to do-it-yourself redesigns for household objects and some of those clever ideas include:

Pallets and Wood Pieces

Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

You might have pallets in your garage that are going to waste. A lot can be done with those flat looking raised wood pieces that look like wood fencing stuck together and they can be redesigned into almost anything, like a garden tool organizer, outdoor furniture shelving, pallet coffee table (shown above), planters, bars, welcome signs and a whole host of other redesigns.

Everyone has stray wood scrap pieces taking up space in a storeroom or garage, and they can be redesigned in a number of ways as well, such as framing for art projects, key holder plaques, letter cutouts, wall art, ornaments and other wood crafts. Hey, even old table legs can be turned into elegant candle holders in just a few quick steps with paint, glue, and ceramic planter plates. You don't have to throw those scraps away or burn them in the fireplace as they can be part of almost any redesign project.

Cans, Jars and Bottles

DIY School Supply Caddy

DIY School Supply Caddy

Used food cans don't have to fill up your trash receptacle or recycle bin. Just remove the labels in warm water and dish soap, sand off the inner rims for safety, paint them in bright colors, and label them for pencils, crayons, sharpies and small tools (as shown above) or use them for growing herbs. Just add some pebbles in the bottom, potting soil, and transplant your herbal seedlings directly to the cans.

Jars make attractive containers for food staples, gift recipe mixes, buttons, craft supplies, light fixtures, snow globes, outdoor lights and other decorative pieces, plus they are perfect for cold beverages on a hot day. You can even use them as molds to make candles.

Wine bottles and other unusually shaped bottles can be used to hold gourmet vinegar and oil mixtures and nut snacks while other bottles can be used as candle, plant and dried weed containers. Frosted and painted specialized finishes on bottles make them stylish decorative pieces for any area of a home. Clear bottles can be hung on a backyard patio and used as hanging vases, and there are always the notes or artwork in the bottle decorative pieces for conversation starters.

Fabrics and No Sew

 Fleece Hat Tutorial for American Girl

Fleece Hats for American Girl Dolls

What do you do with fleece pieces and other scraps of material that are stacked in boxes or stuffed in bags for some far beyond the horizon project? Well, the fleece fabric can be used to make headbands and ear, finger and arm warmers or baby slippers along with small animal huggables, plus fleece balls and reusable household dusters. Phew! The list is endless!

No sew project redesigns include not only other kinds of fabrics but other clothing items that have worn out their usefulness. Material scraps can be used to make fabric letters and alphabets, fabric jewelry, bookmarks, scrap wreaths clutches, pushpins, faux food, garlands and banners, which can call be made with simple patterns, scissors, glue and a few embellishments.

Clothing items you were going to give away or take to a resale shop can be redesigned into totally new items. Those old white socks you were going to throw out can be used for sock puppets, sock snowmen and slithering creatures, and that flowery chiffon blouse that just doesn't fit you anymore can be turned into a beautiful flowing scarf that will go with a number of outfits. Use your imagination and take a look in your closet and drawers and give thought to what could be redesigned or donated.

Whatever household objects you are thinking about redesigning, consider your ideas worth the savings gained and the benefits received. Your own creativity and thriftiness and desire to make something useful that has become obsolete or impractical are actions to be admired. With your own redesign ideas, some of the few given here and all the thousands of others out there, you should be able to redesign whatever you desire and be happy because you did it yourself. Now that's gratification!

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