Easy Step by Step Guide to Control a Hoverboard Like a Pro

Easy Step by Step Guide to Control a Hoverboard Like a Pro

The Hoverboard is fun, cool and the latest toy that everyone is talking about. What was once considered fictional has become a reality.  The wheeled beauty is proving to be an easy mode of transportation especially on even surfaces. However, it may not be very easy for a beginner to maintain his/ her balance while trying to ride one.

We promote safety and hence here is a detailed and easy step by step guide to control a Hoverboard like a Pro that will leave your friends gaping at your newly acquired skills. Let the fun begin!

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  1. Get on To the Hoverboard

So, the first step is fairly easy- take out the Hoverboard. However, ensure that is charged else it will be of no use. Now, switch on the Hoverboard and put it on an even ground before you.

Some Hoverboards come equipped with different ride modes so ensure that the mode is kept at beginner or easy level before you are absolutely convinced of your skills. No matter what, only use the best hoverboards available in the market to prevent any mishaps.

After the mode has been set, it is time to actually step on the magical board. If you are under-confident, you can start by taking support against a wall. Now, place one foot on the Hoverboard, whichever it might be, according to your comfort level and then the other one. Do not get conscious while stepping onto the board. The Hoverboard is built such that it will automatically adjust your body weight to help you balance better so that you do not fall of.

The most encountered question at this stage is whether the LED lights should be facing upwards or downwards. Though, there are no right or wrong ways to the placing of the LED lights, most newer models specifically mention that the light should be on top.

Now, that you have stepped onto the board we move on to the next step.

  1. The Hovering Ride

What fun is a static Hoverboard? Once you have successfully placed yourself in an uptight, level riding position, it’s time to start with the fun. Remember to place your foot on the sides of the Hoverboard so that they are not very close to each other. Now, that is done right, it’s time to start rolling. Riding a Hoverboard is easy, it is not rocket science. All you have to do is to move forward or backward by either leaning or by shifting your weight. However, do not lean too much as you might fall off.

Remember, balancing your weight is the key to riding a Hoverboard like a pro. Now, you might topple down at first, or maybe even twice or thrice. Do not worry, it takes a little time to adjust to it and once you do, it’s a piece of cake. For now, focus on adjusting your body weight to move about.

  1. Turning the Hoverboard

Now, turning the Hoverboard is somewhat similar to the previous step. The sides in all hoverboard brands is independent of the other, allowing you to twist it anyway you like, on each of the sides.  Now, if you are standing on the board and want to turn towards the left then, you have to push your right foot in the frontward direction. Yes, as simple as that! Imagine that you want to twist towards your right, then you do the opposite of what you just did. To turn towards the right, you have to push your left foot in the frontward direction. This individualistic foot pressure ensures the twisting motion that makes it to physically turn or twist the board.

It is however advisable to practise this once you get a hang of the Hoverboard. Balancing is the key and to turn and twist your magical board, balancing is going to come to your aid.

So, you have exhausted yourself from all the riding and want to get off it, for now atleast. The next step will teach you how to get off your Hoverboard.

  1. Getting Off the Hoverboard

Do not, I repeat, do not jump off the Hoverboard, as you might end up injuring yourself or damaging the Hoverboard. Now, getting off the Hoverboard is a little difficult than getting on it, though the process is a reverse step of the first one.

To get off the Hoverboard, first try and shift the balance to your preferred leg (like you did while getting on) and then get off using the other foot.

The Hoverboard is turned on using the button on the board itself while you can use the lock button on the remote to switch it off.

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