3.14 Fun Facts about Pi Day


I've always considered myself kind of a math geek, although when I help Tatym with her homework, I swear I never learned some of those formulas and equations!

Since I was in charge of today's Kiwanis meeting, I decided to go with the Pi celebration theme. Here are some interesting tidbits about the mathematical symbol that I used for trivia questions:

  • The actual symbol for pi was created by William Jones in 1706.
  • π = 22/7 = 3.14159263…
  • The number of digits has been determined to go into infinity (although new research may determine it stops in the millions)
  • The first Pi Day celebration was held in San Francisco in 1988 where they ate apple pie.
  • There is actually a National Pie (with an E) Day that is observed on January 23rd.

Yes, I provided apple pie (courtesy of Sara Lee) for dessert treats.

And here's some Pi Day funnies I saw on Facebook (thanks Chris)…




Looking for some good pie recipes to serve on Pi Day? Here's some tried and true favorite pie recipes from Karyn:

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