Household Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Now we are getting into the cold winter months, it is definitely time to start thinking about the maintenance of your home. The winter can really take a toll on your home if you don’t give it the care it needs, so here are a few things to keep on top of during the winter to keep your house ship shape.

Household Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Damp and Mold

A big factor with the cold is damp, with the colder weather a lot more people are now putting the heating on and with the heat comes condensation, this can be a massive factor in cases of household mold. When you have the heat on, make sure to have the windows slightly ajar to allow free airflow and to stop the heat causing condensation on your windows, which can lead to damp and mold occurring.

When cooking in the kitchen always have an extractor fan on or a window open to help disperse steam and hot air, which could also lead to condensation on the walls and windows if not monitored. If it is particularly wet and cold this can lead to pipes freezing so heating and hot water can take longer to heat up which can cause a strain on utility bills and also the boiler so make sure to turn them on regularly to keep them warm and stop them freezing.

Leaks, Cracks and Gutters

Another thing to keep an eye out for is your roof and your roof tiles, as cracks and loose debris can cause all kinds of issues. If tiles have small cracks in them and the same with walls to, they can be expanded and cause further damage in freezing conditions. This is because any water that gets in the cracks will freeze and cause the cracks to expand with the ice, so it is best to catch it early and get the cracks filled in to prevent this and any associated problems from occurring.

Also, when tiles are cracked they can be prone to breaking and falling off which can lead to leaky roofs and danger to the safety of passers-by who are at risk of being hit by a loose tile. There’s also the issue of damp and mould occurring as a result of the gap in your roof, which can lead to a wide range of issues for your home. While up on the roof checking the tiling it may well be a good idea to check the gutters because if they are blocked and there is stagnant water, this can freeze and damage the gutters due to weight and can also cause cracks which over time will leak, this can then lead to flooding in the house. If the gutters are full of leaves and branches then it is best to clear this to stop any backing up of the water and allow the water to run freely. If you’re not a fan of heights, you can always call in an expert.


If you have pets then you will be aware of the pest problem that fleas will lead to, they are dormant and hibernate during winter which can lead you to think you are flea free but when the summer comes they will spring to life and cause an infestation. The winter is the best time to deal with fleas and critters as during the colder weather they go into hibernation so you can get an exterminator in or pest control to deal with that problem.

Because the weather is colder it can also lead to critters such as mice, rats, and voles looking for a place to get warm and find food, especially in snowy times where it is harder for them to find anything to eat. This will lead to them invading your homes and bins looking for warmth and food so as soon as you notice an indication of pests, it is best to take action, again with the use of pest control or by laying traps. This will not only solve the problem but it will also act as a deterrent in the future.

Fire Safety

The one last thing to be careful about in winter is your home’s fire. When the winter chill comes and you have a lovely open fire it can be wonderfully warm and cozy but it can still pose a risk if not properly maintained. You need to make sure you are checking your chimney for birds nests and blockages as the last thing you want is a chimney fire or your house being filled with smoke. You can hire people to check and clean your chimneys or if you are comfortable in doing so it can be done yourself.

When the winter comes, it is not just wrapping up and keeping warm you need to worry about, you also need to look after your home to so it can, in turn, look after you. Following this simple guide can help save you money and possible injury, after all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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