How To Find The Best Deal On Eyeglasses

$1000 Eyeglasses?!?!

Whether you are updating your eye wear prescription, trying out a new look, or replacing your old frames, when you go shopping for a new set of glasses you’ll want to find the best look for the right price. As much as you may want a fashion forward, unique, and lifestyle appropriate look, your physician or optometrist may not have the full selection you were hoping for. If you have been searching for deals with no success, it may be time to try other avenues for affordable eye wear.

If you are a seasoned glasses wearing veteran you may know full well what style works for you and what type of frames you want. Still, maybe your style isn’t available at the most affordable prices. In this case, conducting an online search of eye wear retailer websites may be the best option for you. Initially it may not seem like a good idea to purchase an essential item like eye glasses over the web. How do you know they will fit your face, look right on you, or even be the right size? Over the years popular retail sites have adapted to fit customer sizing needs by allowing you to submit prescription and sizing information.

Although you will typically have to make arrangements to see your own doctor for these numbers ahead of time, information like frame size and pupillary distance can be submitted along with your full prescription to be sure you are buying a product that works for you. Sites like 39dollarglasses, eyebuydirect, and Zenni all offer the option to specialize your order to fit your unique needs. These sites and others like them provide the consumer with a multitude of options at reasonable prices and often have special seasonal deals, discounts for the purchase of multiple pairs of glasses, or discounts of the lenses if you buy both lenses and frames.

Alternatively, if you are in a hurry and need frames fast or if you just aren’t comfortable buying the glasses before trying them on, stores like Target, Walmart, or Kmart might be the better choice. In some locations these corporations even have stores with optical departments that keep professional optometrists on staff who are capable of administering tests to determine the correct prescription for your corrective lenses. Although these corporations typically offer fewer choices than you might find with a web search, you can at least be assured of dramatically lower prices than almost any other vendor and you have the advantage of trying on the frames on the spot.

Conversely, if you are set on a pair of designer frames, but don’t have the cash to back your needs Ebay may be a good option for you. This online auction site provides users who know what they want with a versatile means of purchasing designer, rare, and off market products at a price dictated by the consumer. This is one of the few avenues where you may find incredibly good prices on normally expensive designer frames. The downside of purchasing glasses on Ebay is that you may at any moment be outbid or you may not find exactly what you were looking for. Additionally, you will need to make arrangements to have the frames fitted for lenses as a separate transaction, which may be unideal if you need the glasses in a timely manner.

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