How to Find Online Coupon Codes That Work

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We’ve all been there: just as you’re about to hit the purchase button on Amazon, your eyes catch the words ‘promo code’ near the bottom. In a fit of financial savvy, you quickly search for a coupon code and seemingly come up with something, only to have your hopes dashed by the red words ‘invalid code.’ So much for those deals.

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Nearly every seasoned online shopper has been here many times before. However, the secret in finding coupon codes is checking the source. If the source is reliable, the codes most likely are, too. After all, you wouldn’t choose a negligence claims lawyer who wasn’t offering top-notch legal representation to personal injury victims, would you? Unless you wanted to waste a lot of money, not on your life.

Today, though, we’re here to talk to you about a few things you should look out for when hunting for online coupon codes. Read on to learn what they are.

Weed out the duds

Sure, a quick Google search can potentially get you free shipping, but is it worth the time spent sifting through expired coupon codes? If you’re like us, you don’t have that time. Fortunately, you can look for viable codes by doing a Google search for coupon codes specific to what you’re buying. Let’s say you’re buying some light bulbs on Amazon. Before you check out, search for ‘light bulbs-only code’ and see what you can find. You might be surprised to discover that you’ll find many more viable codes this way. If this trick is still too time-intensive for you, let online coupon hunters like Honey, CouponSumo, and Coupons at Checkout do the hard work.

Walk away

Believe it or not, you can haggle for items in even the most mundane online shopping environments! All you have to do is close your tab at checkout (don’t forget to bookmark it for later, though). Companies will start trailing you across the web with attractive ads featuring discounts for–what do you know–the precise item you were about to buy. While the idea of companies following you on your company is undoubtedly a little creepy, it might help you save some serious bucks in the long run. Maybe a little “company” isn’t such a terrible thing after all.

Take advantage of loyalty programs

Companies love returning customers; they’re the lifeblood of their business. Because businesses know that you, the returning customer, are an indispensable asset to their company, they’ll often reward you with special discounts and promotional deals that occasional customers can’t access. If you find yourself frequenting a particular retailer, see if they have a customer loyalty program you can sign up for. It could potentially pay off in the future–in every sense of the word.

Sorting viable coupon codes from dead ones is a tedious task, no doubt, but there are resources out there that can help you save money. Hopefully, you’ve learned a little something about how you can find live coupon codes in the commercial internet abyss. Best of luck on your hunt and happy shopping!

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