How to save money by buying glasses online

Gone are those days when shopping meant walking around in & out of stores for hours on end looking for the perfect dress, top or any other accessory! The advent of internet has opened new avenues for shopping. Now we can shop just by a click! You can shop anywhere you want & all you need is internet connectivity. Today more and more people are getting attracted towards online shopping which provides greater convenience and better prices than any other shopping method.

Here are few tips on shopping for eye glasses online to save yourself a whole lot of cash.

1. Google search: Surf Google to find companies that deal in eyeglasses business. Read their reviews, ordering process, guarantees polices, pricing, shipping costs, etc., this will help you in making an informed comparison and choosing an online retailer that provides you the best price and quality. If you find doing this on your own an arduous process, then there are a number of comparison websites for e.g. Top ten reviews which have already made these comparisons to make your life easier.

2. Measure Up carefully: If you have an old pair of eyeglasses that fits you well then it is advisable to take the measurement from them. One should take the measurement carefully as a difference of even a single millimeter can result in glasses that are uncomfortable to wear.The most important measurement is the total width of the glasses from one arm to the other. Take your time and measure carefully! .Some online vision care sites will ask for your pupillary distance. The easiest way to measure your PD is to ask a friend to hold a rule just above the center of your eyes and measure the distance between your pupil centers’. Alternatively, ask your optician – they are obliged to provide the PD measurement as part of your prescription, so don’t hesitate.

3. Discount and voucher coupon: Discount or voucher coupons are best way to save money when buying online. These coupons are available from different sources like internet, mailers, newspaper specials, magazines, etc. When purchases are not really urgent, maintain a wish-list and keep up-to-date about the available products. This will help a savvy shopper take advantage of these coupons, when they are featured, resulting in huge savings.

4. Buy in bulk: This is yet another method that will results in significant savings. There are many online stores that provide you an additional discount if your purchase exceeds a certain number. So, ask your friends or relatives to find if someone else also needs eyeglasses. If yes, you can place the order for all in the same single order to save everyone a whole lot of cash.

5. Brand name is not everything: It has often been seen that usually people pay too much attention to brand names and let it influence their purchasing decisions. While big brands sometimes do have amazing styles, more often then not, you can find similar styles and great quality unbranded frames at a quarter of the cost. So while making your final decision, do your research and look out for cheaper alternatives available that are just as good as the branded option.

6. Look out for daily deal websites: “A deal of the day “is a type of business where one product is sold per day at a discounted rate. Look out for those online retailers that provide daily deals. The savings on these sites can be up to 70% off the retail price or even more.

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