Save Money on Home Security without Compromising Quality or Safety

With so many different costs associated with the installation of a home security system it is hard to tell when you’re getting a deal or whether you’ve been taken for a ride. Between the cost of equipment, multiple sensors, and installation you may find yourself looking at several thousand dollars for a quality home security system. On top of this cost there may be additional fees for extensive monitoring and immediate crime response plus the cost of additional warranties, if they are needed.

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The most popular companies like ADT and Protect America are widely known because of their good reputation for efficiency and fast response as well as their reasonable prices. As one of the top security companies, ADT takes the liberty of charging close to $900 for an average security system installation not including the cost of monitoring. A typical resident can expect to pay close to $35 a month for the monitoring, however, ADT provides top of the line products and is generally accepted as one of the most proficient security companies out there.

Much like ADT, Protect America charges a significantly lower price for a normal household. In the $300-$500 installation range, Protect America seems like a better choice for those looking to save money. In addition to fair installation and equipment prices Protect America is well known for the high quality hardware used in their security systems. Despite these positive characteristics, many customer reviews have indicated that Protect America is in short, not well known for their efficient or honest customer service staff. Although their monthly monitoring fees are in line with ADT’s fees, if you expect to be dealing with Protect America’s representatives over the phone it may be relevant to consider whether saving a few hundred dollars is an even trade off for the possibility of dealing with a less than sufficient security staff during a time of emergency.

In some cases you may be approached by salesmen offering too good to be true deals on home protection. One red flag to be aware of is door-to-door salesmen who come to your home with offers to install a free home security system because your home is reportedly in an area of high visibility. Although home alarm scams are not very widely known, more consumers are being sold a low quality product which is easily disabled by most burglars and is often much costlier than better systems on the market. In some cases these salesmen may imply that they are state affiliated authorities in order to gain your trust, however, you should never allow a stranger to make any kind of changes to your home before you are assured of their proper affiliations or credentials.

Seemingly almost any company you go with you will be spending a significant amount of money on equipment and installation, while most companies charge similar monthly fees. One way to get around high equipment prices is to find a product you like and purchase the directly from the manufacturer. Companies like Safemart and Home Security Store offer large discounts on their online stock. After consulting the installation company you decide to go with, finding discounted but high quality equipment is doable via stores like these.

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