How To Shop And Save At Aldi Stores

How To Shop And Save At Aldi Stores

The ALDI Grocery Stores chain is regularly named as a low price leader when it comes to groceries, by organizations worldwide. Does the quality stack up and can you get everything you need there? Would you be better off clipping things from the Sunday paper and trekking to your local supermarket that doubles manufacturer’s coupons?

As a regular ALDI shopper, I would offer my strategy for saving money on our household groceries. Shop ALDI first, and if there is something lacking, get out your coupons and head to the high-priced grocery stores. There are some things that I absolutely refuse to buy anywhere other than ALDI. These would include canned fruits and vegetables, canned soup, pancake mix, cottage cheese, salad mix, and frozen chicken breasts. All of these products are high quality at the ALDI stores, and I have never had a complaint about any of them; the real reason that I purchase them at the ALDI stores is that the prices are a fraction of what you would pay for very similar (some would say identical, sans packaging) name brand products at your local grocer.

Additionally, since I have shopped at ALDI for close to ten years, I have tried most everything they sell. I can tell you that their Diet GT Cola satisfies this confirmed Diet Pepsi fanatic, and that they have low cost versions of the Monster Energy Drinks and Five Hour Energy shots that taste and work similarly to the branded versions. The stores are a little light on fresh meats, but the frozen versions are always very good. They are also quick to notice and stock new and popular items, like whole grain white bread and stevia blends that are healthier alternatives.

Produce Specials

Our local ALDI store is featuring 2-packs of green peppers for 49 cents, 8-ounce whole mushrooms or one-pound Roma tomatoes are just 69 cents, and the 8-ounce Little Salad Bar mix is 99 cents all the time. Compare those prices to your regular grocer, and I’m sure you will see why this store is a favorite of mine.

Italian Foods

ALDI carries the Priano brand of Italian foods, including refrigerated filled pastas, jarred spaghetti, Alfredo, and more gourmet-style sauces, and frozen prepared meals. They also sell frozen Texas Toast to rival the best you have had at a fraction of the price, along with authentic Italian wines. The fact that it is a no-frills store does not mean that the food sold there is bland or tasteless. On the contrary, these Italian offerings are well-loved at our home.


If you are a seafood lover, ALDI is your friend. The stores sell frozen shrimp for about half of the price of our other local stores, and they stock a number of different types of fish: tilapia, whiting, cod, etc. for broiling.

Healthy Alternatives

Besides the bread and stevia mentioned above, the stores also carry a reduced fat, reduced sugar,  and reduced calories line of foods called Fit ‘n Active. There is turkey bacon, frozen entrees, ice-cream style treats, cheese, yogurt, and even breakfast foods in the group, and I have never tried one item that I would not buy repeatedly.

For those who have not “discovered” ALDI yet, they offer a Double Guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with anything you buy; they will not only refund your money, but also replace the product. Overall, I give ALDI a bright and shining “A” because they are exactly what they claim to be—a low-cost store where you can buy food your entire family will like for much less.

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