5 Innovations For The Perfect Master Bathroom

We all dream of having a master bathroom, and for those who have one, they dream of a bigger, better, more elegant master bathroom, also known as an en suite. It seems it’s human nature to want to go to the toilet as close to our beds as possible and it’s certainly preferable to a bed pan … or those hole in the ground horror stories your poor grandmother used to scare you with… just me? Moving on… here are five relatively recent innovations that will make your en suite the greatest in all the land.  

1. Showerhead That Sings

KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome

When I was little I used to love listening to music in the shower, and I still would if I could find a wireless shower radio that actually had batteries that lasted more than a few days. The Kohler Moxie Showerhead has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favourite songs whilst shampooing, scrubbing, and any other ablutions you may need to do.

2. iMirror*

It’s proper name is the Tech20 Cyber Mirror and it’s a very expensive (very, very expensive) mirror that’s also a TV and a computer, meaning you can catch-up on Jessica Jones before furtively browsing the internet for when Season Two will be released. It features HDMI slots as well as USB so the possibilities are endless.

*not actually related to Apple at all – just thought that’s what they should market it as…

3. Towel Warmers

Warmrails HSRS Regent 25.25-Inch Wall Mounted Towel Warmer, Nickel Finish

Remember the days when radiators were big, white, rectangular monstrosities and tower rails were those ladder looking chrome monstrosities (they actually don’t look bad at all, but I had a theme going, okay?!) If you check out warmrooms.co.uk, you’ll find out the world of radiators has moved on whilst you’ve been binging Marvel TV shows and now you can get towel rails in the shape of coat hangers or ovals or some other abstract, modern shape.

4. Waterpebble

Boa Waterpebble

Beside that fact that it sounds and looks like something from a Pixar movie, I really love this gadget. It’s inexpensive, and it might end up saving the environment and your wallet. It monitors the amount of water you’re using in a shower and keeps a note of it for next time where it tells you when to hurry up and get out of there, meaning you will have a little guide to tell you when you’ve been spending too much time thinking about cheese … or whatever people actually think about while in the shower.

5. RSS Toilet Printer

I’ve left this till last because you won’t be able to buy one (unless you live in Taiwan) for the foreseeable future. Essentially, the RSS toilet paper printer allows you to print off a blog from the feed and then read it whilst you do your ‘you know what’ and when you’re done you can use the paper to ‘you know what’.

See, who said bathrooms can’t be fun and practical? This is a weird and wonderful collection of things that will make your master bathroom the focal point of the house, although it would be weird if you started entertaining guests in there.

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