Magazine-Worthy Home Design Tips Everyone Should Know

Magazine-Worthy Home Design Tips Everyone Should Know

Fashion allows us to express who we are and our creativity on our person. Interior design, however, does so much more. Whereas a great outfit can help you feel good on the day, smart and effective design can help you feel great every day. A comfortable home is one that helps support you in all that you do. It is one that helps you relax after a stressful day at work, makes you feel good when you spend your afternoon at home instead of going out, and helps you feel happy even in the toughest of times. People have an inherent need to shape the space around them, and with interior design, you can do just that.

Before You Begin

Before you begin redecorating, there are a few things you should do first. Primarily, you should wait. If you have just moved into a new home, rushing into decorating it is the last thing you want to do. You want to live in your property for at least three months before you commit to anything major. You need time to get used to a space, to know how you live and interact with the space, and to figure out what exactly your home needs to function well.

Being patient is important to help you save money, be more purposeful with your design choices, and to help you find the perfect pieces for your home. Go in with the intent to live at your new home for a lifetime, and know that interior design is a lifelong commitment. You are not an interior designer, you are expressing yourself, and your home will naturally need to change as you and your family changes.

Structural Fixes First

When you first move in, the only thing you should worry about fixing are structural issues. Structural issues can range with problems with the foundation to discoloration on the walls, old window frames, drafty doors, and even poorly laid out closets. Changing and updating these aspects of your home is key to being able to envision your ideas onto the space, not to mention how much fresher and more comfortable your home will be as a result. You don’t have to wait to commit to these fixes either, as they are prepping your home for your design, rather than design choices themselves.

Ample Storage

Families and even individuals can collect a lot of material items over their lives, from clothes to equipment, to even just boxes of mementos. If you don’t prepare for the amount of belongings you will come to own over the years, these items could end up taking over your space. To avoid this, it is wise to add ample storage. Having too much is better than having too little, especially if you have a growing family. What’s more, the more seamless these storage solutions, the better. Add in custom shelves inside your cabinets, custom shelves inside closets, and even add in a storage unit wall so that you have all the space you need to be comfortable.

Tips on Renovations

Renovations are expensive, which is why you need to save your money for projects that will add value to your home. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are good choices, but the best are renovations that add space to your home. A loft conversion or adding a conservatory will go a long way towards increasing the floor space and value of your home. It is also important to note that these renovations have to be in keeping with the home you have. For example, adding in a million-dollar kitchen won’t make your home worth a million dollars. It’s also been proven that by adding an extra bathroom, you’ll greatly increase your home’s value.

Large to Small

If buying new furniture and designing the space anew is your priority, remember to think big and get smaller from there. This means that choosing your main furniture pieces should come first. In bedrooms this will be the bed, in living rooms this will be the largest couch. Work down from there and acquire smaller pieces: the wardrobe, the chairs, and so on. You want everything to compliment each other, though they don’t necessarily have to match.

Once you get through to your furniture, it’s time to move toward decorative pieces. The same principle applies here – choose an area rug, the artwork, the lamps, the centerpieces, and so on. Larger pieces typically cost more, which is why you want to ensure that everything else you choose complements them the most. It can be very difficult to find a large couch that suits your living room within your budget when you already have everything else. By working from largest to smallest, you can design a comfortable and functional room.

Light it Critical

Sunlight is imperative to our health and how our bodies function. Our bodies are trained to respond to daylight. Sun helps us produce vitamin D and the blue-white light of day helps us regulate our circadian rhythms, not to mention all of the mental health benefits there are of being in a well-lit space. That being said, sometimes sunlight isn’t ideal. Sunny days in summer can make a room too warm to be comfortable in, and direct sunlight can also make it difficult to see computer screens, meaning it is more difficult to work in, and so on.

Being able to control the light in your home is important for function and your wellbeing. Thankfully, there are many custom options, including Shuttercraft window treatments that look great in any design scheme and allow you to be in complete control of the sunlight filtering into your home. These shutters fit any window and are custom made. Book your free home appointment to learn about what options you have.

Never Forget Personal Memories

When it comes to interior design, fixating on what looks good in magazines can become too overwhelming. Never forget to add in your personal touches. Having a beautiful living room arrangement is great, but being surrounded by beautiful memories of your life and your family’s is all that you need to be happy. Celebrate your achievements, showcase your best memories, and add your personal touch to the design of your home. If you don’t, you might just end up feeling disconnected from your home.

The best design is one that takes time. Be patient and follow these tips to help you design the perfect home for you and your family.

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