Money-Saving Moving Tips

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Moving is not only time-consuming and tedious, but it’s also expensive. Many people spend thousands of dollars for relocation services when costs are tallied together and storage fees, boxes and supplies, time off from work, and other fees are combined. It leaves many people strapped for cash upon moving into their new home. 

Long Distance Moving

Fortunately, there are many ways to ease the financial burden faced after a move. Use the unique money-saving ideas below to reduce the costs of your move without sacrificing the things that you need.

Compare Moving Companies

Prices can fluctuate considerably from one moving company to another. Although it is imperative to hire a good moving company for your relocation needs, what is necessary is spending a small fortune to hire the pros. Just like in other industries, the best companies focus on building greater empathy for businesses. A growing number of moving companies use empathy in online marketing to maximize their reputation.

Aside from finding a reputable and reliable moving company, you also need to search for comparing rates. Fortunately, free estimates make comparing prices with as many companies as you’d like simple.  Comparing rates saves hundreds of dollars in some situation and always helps you find the right movers for your specific needs.


Although electrical wiring, roofing, and other major remodeling and improvements may not be within your realms of work, there are just as many projects you can tackle in your new home without expert help. DIY saves a ton of money, considering labor accounts for about 60% of the total costs of a project. 

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, add flowers and foliage, or try your hand at other projects of similar nature. It feels great to tackle these projects and know that you’ve helped create a great look in your home. And, with all the money left over, there’s even more reason to smile.

Sign up for Special Offers

Most companies offer email newsletters and lists that customers can sign up to receive. Once they “opt-in,” regular deals, news, and offers are sent to your inbox. Don't look at those questions as burdensome. 

Instead, happily opt-in to receive offers from your favorites stores and await the arrival of special promotions, deals, and coupons unavailable to anyone else. The savings are incredible and with stores to suit all tastes and needs, you’re sure to find offers from the brands that you want and need.

Avoid Moving Season

Most people tend to move in the summer and there are good reasons for that. In addition to wearing light clothes, the nice weather also means you are less likely to slip on ice and step through slush puddles. However, if you have a flexible schedule, move in the off-season. This will help you save some money when moving.

Winter means vacancies, too. When the weather is cold, most landlords have difficulty filling houses and apartments. That's a good opportunity for you. During this time, you have better chances of negotiating on the rent, utilities, and deposit.

Final Thoughts

Saving money is not hard if you know the right ways to go about it. Use the information above to cut costs before, during, and after your move. It is far too simple to use these techniques to your advantage than to risk missing out on the savings!

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