Nailing Home Maintenance

Nailing Home Maintenance

Being a homeowner doesn’t come cheap does it? From food shopping to paying hand over fist for repairmen to fix issues – there’s a lot of money involved in home ownership!

A home is an investment though, and it’s on us to keep it looking good and in great shape. Whether you’re fixing leaks or doing your best to ensure that no problem comes to your home, you need to at least be active when maintaining the home.

Speaking of leaks – moisture is a big issue in the home. Clogged drains can create nasty smells and leaks can cause severe damage in the home. Leaks start with the guttering of the home. What the gutters do is lead water away from the property so that it doesn’t pile up and cause issues. Do you see the problem? If water piles up it will lean on the roof or gutter causing erosion and leakage over time. This is a severe problem that is so easy to fix! Simply get your gloved hands into the gutter and clear it of debris so that it can continue its job of dealing with external household water! What else is an issue with moisture? Pipes can be warped by heat and broken by frost – so ensure you’re managing the temperature of your pipework with heat tracing so that your pipes don’t suffer to the will of the weather. Finally, leaky faucets and bath taps are easy to fix, but waste money thanks to wasted water – all it takes is a quick tightening to prevent money from going down the drain.

Pests are horrifying things, but can invade our homes on a regular basis if we aren’t vigilant. Upon identifying a pest, look for ways that the issue can be dealt with and prevented. Exterminators are widely available and of course the internet offers many do it yourself style solutions to the threat of pests.

Painting is an overlooked part of keeping the home in shape – simply because it feels like decorating – it is! However, painting old rooms maintains the look and can cover up any damage once it is fixed. Painting a room is something anyone should be able to do. Identify the shade of paint that you want for you home, grab some brushes for finesse and a roller for spread, cover your furniture and away you go! Line the walls and doors with masking tapes to ensure you don’t overstep your painting boundaries and use the roller to cover the big parts of the walls while the brushes handle edges and corners. Once you’re done, apply the second coat to finish it off and then clean your brushes. Exterior paint is a bit more complex, but follows the same rules – you’ll just need paint that can stand up to the weather.

There’s a lot more issues in the home, but you need to walk before you run of course! If you can master the basics, you’ll be ready to step up. Remember that help is always available so don’t ignore the professionals – it might cost more to clean up your mess!

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