reached out to me last fall about reviewing their products. At the time, I was hoping to have another eye surgery so wanted to hold off until after that. Well, that last eye surgery never happened. So at my last visit to my eye doctor, I asked about the dreaded “bi-focals” to see if I could eliminate my need for two different pairs of glasses. I ordered new technology Varilux lenses (which cost around $300) through their office for a pair of glasses I had gotten there last year (so I didn’t need to pay for a new frame). But I also asked for a printed prescription so I could order another pair of progressive eyeglasses (which is basically bi-focals without the line) from (because I can never have too many pairs of glasses). is one of the leading online retailers for prescription glasses and sunglasses. They offer a huge selection of high quality glasses, at affordable prices. They carry brand names, private brands, sports, kids and even computer glasses for less. 

I uploaded my photo so I could “try on” different pairs of glasses. Which frame do you think I picked out?

Kim wearing MUSE M1191
Muse M1191 eyeglasses in blue/tortoise

I’m not sure “cat eye” glasses for me? I think I look like a superhero wearing a mask in these cateyes.

Amelia E. Karenina Glasses in Brown/Purple
Amelia E. Karenina Glasses in Brown/Purple

I have usually gravitated towards pinks, purples and burgundys when it comes to the colors of my past eyeglasses.

Amelia E. Helene Glasses in Blue/Tortoise
Amelia E. Helene Glasses in Blue/Tortoise

So I tried to venture out of my comfort zone with some blue. And I like wayfarer glasses.

Ombre Muse M7280 Eyeglasses in Gray / Clear
Ombre Muse M7280 Eyeglasses in Gray / Clear

My favorite pair of glasses used to be a pair of Vera Bradley eyeglasses that were brown ombre, but I felt like they clashed with all of the black outfits that I wear.  Thus why I tried the gray ombre.

And the winner was…. (drumroll, please…)

Kim in Glasses USA eyeglasses

I went with the blue/tortoise wayfarers. The blue is on the “inside” so hard to see, and the brown is dark, almost black, it so matches my black wardrobe. I also liked the “less than” and “greater than” math signs at the helms as they reminded me of my Derek Cardigan eyeglasses.

My ultimate test for the progressive lenses was to wear them to church. I wanted to see if I could see the front of the church clearly and still be able to see the hymnal to sing the church songs. It took me a bit to adjust and determine where I needed to look to see the different prescriptions in the lenses. Other church goers may have seen me bopping my head around while trying to sing the hymns! Once I figured out how I needed to tilt my head (or just move my eyes), I could see. Hallelujah! has frames with lenses starting at only $38 with free shipping. What a bargain compared to the price of eyeglasses you order from the optical store!

If you need a pair new eyeglasses, check out!

Disclosure: I received my eyeglasses at no charge to facilitate my review.